Rosen Hristov: The state wants to attract large industrial companies to work in "Maritsa East"

According to the minister, several people from the unions in the area of the complex are manipulating people for the green transition

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Source: BTA, archive

The green energy that the whole world is aiming for is a useful thing, it is complementary to, not competitive with, baseload capacities and would increase jobs in the region. This was stated by the Acting Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov to the media shortly before a meeting with employees of "Mini Maritsa East" EAD. According to him, "unfounded concern about closures and reductions in power, some fear of job cuts" is currently being planted in the region.

"Here we want to attract large industrial companies to provide employment with high-level working conditions, that is, better than mines or with the same or higher pay," he explained, quoted by BTA. According to him, the difficulty is in attracting industries that have a higher added value and those that provide incomes that are at the same level or higher than the current ones of people employed in the energy sector.

The caretaker minister said it was worrying that a certain set of trade union figures were fueling these concerns and turning people against investment in green technology. That is, against attracting industry and building renewable energy sources, they perceive it as some kind of danger and competitive activity that directly affects their jobs, which is not the case, he added.

Minister Rosen Hristov has visited the three mines in the region, saying that during these meetings he tried to assure people that there is no such immediate danger and no plans are being worked on that foresee this.

We are implementing the decision of the National Assembly, which is to renegotiate the commitments that would cause such a thing, he also noted.

The minister said that in energy the salaries are much above average and in order to use the potential that the region has, they want to attract more developed enterprises related to energy.

A few people from the local trade unions oppose this, with unknown interests, but certainly not with the interests of the workers, commented Hristov and added that they are dealing with ordering how the state manages its land and assets, which is very far from the trade union activity. They should deal with labor relations and the preservation of jobs, the minister stressed.

He pointed out that currently thousands of acres are unused, and this is an asset that can bring income to the state and to "Mini Maritsa East" EAD.

It became clear from his words that he intends to refer the judicial authorities. It is about a few people who are spreading manipulative and false information, said the minister, according to whom this is not the official position of the unions, as last week they held meetings in the presence of Prime Minister Galab Donev. According to Rosen Hristov, at the local level, "a few people manipulate people".



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