Atanas Pekanov: The mechanism for renegotiating the conditions for the RSP is being sought

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source: BTA, archive

The first tranche of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan is already a fact, but the parliament obliged the cabinet to renegotiate the conditions in Europe.

"I have informed the European Commission about the Parliament's decision. I have also explained to them the clear position of Bulgaria, which is as long as the situation in the energy sector is like this - namely, the coal plants make extremely high positive financial results, which are partly used by the state for compensation, and are returned to the state, while the Bulgarian energy sector produces electricity and for other countries on the Balkan Peninsula, we cannot fulfill this commitment at the moment". This was stated in the studio of "Wake Up" (Nova TV) by Atanas Pekanov, the Deputy Prime Minister for the management of European funds.

He explained that the next step is to prepare a justified position of Bulgaria on why commitments under the plan for coal plants are impossible in the current situation. Such a position will be prepared next month by the Ministry of Energy, he specified.

"We still don't have an official answer, because they are looking for which article of the regulation, or which mechanism to proceed with such a renegotiation," the deputy prime minister added. After we send our official position on the renegotiation of the PVA, the EC's decision will take at least two months, Pekanov emphasized. "I want these negotiations to be successful and to defend our position, but also to implement all these projects under the Plan, which are key for Bulgaria, as well as the reforms - the laws that will unlock the potential of our country," announced the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to him, emphasis should be placed on the accountability mechanism for the actions of the chief prosecutor, because this text is included at the request of the EC and in the Recovery and Sustainability Plan. Pekanov stated that the examination of the law is delayed by procedural gripes by a single person, and that was the deputy from GERB-SDS Radomir Cholakov, who is the chairman of the Legal Commission in the National Assembly. If the law is adopted, it will help us both in the negotiations and for Schengen, Pekanov is emphatic. According to him, we can expect a second payment under the RSP, only when we adopt the remaining 12 of the seventeen laws.

Regarding our country's entry into the Eurozone, he commented that both before and after our accession, regulators such as the Consumer Protection Commission and the Competition Protection Commission will have to take very clear actions in the direction of cutting down on unfair practices and speculation.

"We will increase our participation in the processes, we will have the opportunity to use all European instruments during crises, our banking supervision and our banking system will be stronger," explained the Deputy Prime Minister. According to him, our credit rating will also increase. This, according to Pekanov, will lead to a reduction in interest on loans. "And we are entering a cycle in which interest rates will rise," he added.

"I saw the information campaign - glossy and well prepared - of "Vazrazhdane" for their referendum. Everywhere they launch a bunch of, in my opinion, myths and false facts that we are going to abandon our monetary policy. Well, we gave it up in 1997 when we joined the "Board" (currency board, n.b.). Something absolutely approved by the Bulgarian society, because it brought stability", said the Deputy Prime Minister. He assured that preparations are underway to introduce prices in our country in both euro and leva from August. This will happen if a decision is made in July that our country will enter the Eurozone from January 2024.

Pekanov refused to comment on whether he will continue to be deputy prime minister in the next cabinet.



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