The measure for the renovation of public buildings for 408 million BGN under the Recovery Plan is starting

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Source: Catalyst Site

More than BGN 408 million from the Recovery and Sustainability Plan are now available for renovating public buildings in all 265 municipalities of the country, the Ministry of Regional Development announced.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) has launched the recruitment of proposals for the implementation of investments under the selection procedure "Support for sustainable energy renovation of a public building fund for administrative services, culture and sports".

It is expected that more than 600 objects will be renovated - administrative buildings, buildings for culture and art and buildings for sports, state or municipal property. The resource is pre-allocated, with the municipalities grouped into three groups, according to size. Eligible candidates for the provision of funds under the procedure can be municipal and regional administrations, as well as ministries or other public body, owner of the relevant public building (central and territorial administrations).

The deadline for applying under the procedure is April 28, 2023.

The specific objectives of the procedure are to improve the energy characteristics of state and municipal buildings, which must reach energy consumption class "B" after the implementation of energy-saving measures in public buildings, with the exception of buildings - cultural values included in the scope of the Law on Cultural Heritage. It is a requirement of the Application Guidelines that each building achieve a minimum of 30% primary energy savings.

The budget of the program is distributed by types of buildings, with the largest percentage of it (70%) earmarked for administrative buildings, and 15% for public service buildings in the field of culture and art and those for sports. Sports and children's playgrounds, gyms, school sports facilities and huts are not allowed.

The submission of the projects under the present procedure is carried out entirely electronically, by filling out an electronic application form and submitting the accompanying documents through the Information System for MVU, through the "E-application" module.



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