Minister Shishkov suggests to the deputies to consider options for the concession of roads in our country

The remediation program can start as soon as next week

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We will build highways for another 30 years if we do not change the way they are financed, the minister believes

Source: MRRB

Another 30 years will be needed to complete the highways necessary for our country under the current method of financing. Therefore, it is necessary to change it and give part of them to concession. This was stated in an interview for the morning block of BNT, the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Arch. Ivan Shishkov, quoted by MRRB.

He pointed out that about 1,200 km of highways should be built, for which a little under 20 billion BGN will be needed. With the current way of funding, there will never be any highways completed and they will always be in poor condition. "The solution is for the politicians to gather courage and propose to the Bulgarian people that part of the highways be given to a concession," suggested Minister Shishkov. He gave an example of the tunnel under Petrokhan, which, if built, will shorten the route by 70 km, and everyone will have to pay a small price to take the more direct route.

Thus, the Hemus highway will not be congested and will be more environmentally friendly. "Those who move more, it is better to pay themselves and have money left over for social activities," the regional minister pointed out. The other highway that could be given a concession according to him is Rila. He specified that the sites of national importance and internal nature of movement such as "Hemus", "Struma" and "Black Sea" remain a priority of the state.

On the occasion of the decision of the Constitutional Court on the payment of the old obligations to the construction companies, arch. Shishkov again commented that he was not surprised and recalled that the problem was for assignments that took place in the period 2018 - the beginning of 2021, when the commissioned construction was for a financial value that was many times higher than the budget and major repairs were made instead of current repairs.

"The road companies fell into a trap, it is not their fault, they were used for political chewing gum," said Minister Shishkov and added that he is in continuous dialogue with the road industry. Tomorrow there is a meeting at the Ministry of Finance, and with the Minister of Finance, an option will be sought to pay part of the due funds by the end of the year, as well as to provide for the payment of the rest in next year's budget.

What has been completed this year is paid regularly, assured the regional minister. He reported that the repair work has already been stopped everywhere. Work continues only on the Hemus motorway viaducts so that traffic can be fully opened by mid-December.

The funds for the winter cleaning have been provided, it will cost as much as the winter is severe, commented Minister Shishkov, but specified that the value will probably be below the planned 300 million BGN, since there was no aggravated winter situation in November.

Minister Shishkov also commented on the new rehabilitation program. The European Commission is expected to approve the application guidelines in the next few days and the program will start next week, the minister said.

Work is underway to find a solution to the water supply problem in Omurtag. Certain measures have been planned, and on Thursday specialists from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport will check on the spot why the water pipe, built in 2004, is not technically sound.



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