Minister Pulev in Yambol: 24 projects for a total of over BGN 12 million have been submitted by the region under the Recovery Plan

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Source: Ministry of Innovation and Growth

A total of 24 project proposals for a total of over BGN 12 million have been submitted from the Yambol region under the first "Technological Modernization" procedure of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan (RSP). This became clear today at the mobile reception of the Minister of Innovation and Growth Alexander Pulev in the Yambol region. It is part of his tour across the country in connection with explaining to local businesses about the possibilities of applying for the PES and EU structural funds. It was also attended by the head of the minister's office, Krasimir Yakimov, the regional governor of Yambol, Georgi Chalakov, and the chief director of the General Directorate of European Competitiveness Funds, Iliyana Ilieva.

"Under the first open measure - "Technological modernization", we received more than 2,500 project proposals for over BGN 1 billion. Currently, the application under the second procedure for "ICT solutions and cyber security" worth BGN 30.6 million, up to currently over 4,000 project proposals have been submitted," said Pulev. Under it, companies can apply to create websites, mobile applications, online stores, for digital marketing, cyber security, etc.

"Unfortunately, from the Yambol region, the interest is not so great compared to the other regions we visited. That is why the MIR team is here - to provide more information and encourage companies from the region to apply for funds under the Recovery Plan," said Pulev.

According to the minister, the next procedure - for "RES and batteries for local energy storage", worth BGN 200 million, will help Bulgarian companies to become energy independent. The measure is for the construction of a photovoltaic system - the so-called solar panels to be installed on the roof of the given enterprise, its facade or the terrain on which it is located. Batteries for local energy storage will be able to store it for up to several days, and the energy itself will be produced solely and only for own use, without being able to be resold.

At the moment, the procedure for development activities and intellectual property for nearly BGN 120 million has been announced for public discussion. According to MIR, BGN 600 million will go from the Recovery Plan to Bulgarian small and medium-sized businesses by the end of the year.

"The Ministry of Innovation and Growth will also announce all the companies that will receive funding under the first open procedure "Technological Modernization" by the end of the year," said Iliyana Ilieva, CEO of DG EFK, at a meeting with the regional governor. She added that the first phase of approval of the project proposals has ended and 2,000 of them are moving to the next.

Ilieva recalled that the new Program "Competitiveness and Innovations in Enterprises" 2021-2027 worth BGN 3 billion was approved by the EC in a record short time - submitted on August 16 and approved on October 3.

"We expect the Scientific Research, Innovation and Digitization for Intelligent Transformation Program to be approved next month with a budget of BGN 2.14 billion. It is new for Bulgaria and will finance digital solutions and scientific developments both in business and in public organizations Ilieva also said.

The head of the minister's office, Krasimir Yakimov, stated that in the Yambol region, the contracts concluded under the Operational Program "Innovations and Competitiveness" (OPIC) 2014-2020 are 44 for over BGN 24 million, and 37 of them have been completed. The main supported sectors are "Manufacturing of machinery and equipment, general and special purpose", "Manufacturing of metal products, excluding machinery and equipment" and "Manufacturing of furniture".

According to him, under the "Energy Efficiency" procedure, 7 contracts for over BGN 700,000 were concluded with companies from the region, as well as 347 contracts for overcoming the consequences of COVID-19 with a total value of over BGN 7 million.

According to data from the Bulgarian Development Bank, whose principal is the Ministry of Innovation and Growth, 87 enterprises in the Yambol region have been supported for over BGN 18 million, and 33 contracts have been concluded under the Fund of Funds for over BGN 28 million, Yakimov also said.



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