Minister Pulev: MIG provides BGN 5 billion for business under the structural funds

The Bulgarian Investment Agency is in the process of certifying two investment projects for BGN 24.7 million in the Targovishte region

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Source: Ministry of Innovation and Growth

The office is working at full speed to provide a breath of fresh air for Bulgarian small and medium-sized enterprises in the country. Thanks to the joint work with Deputy Prime Minister Pekanov and other relevant ministers, we secured European funds during the new program period in the amount of over 14 billion BGN under 7 officially approved programs. This was stated by the Minister of Innovation and Growth (MIG) Alexander Pulev during a mobile reception with the regional governor of Targovishte StaniMIG Parashkevov. The mobile reception was also attended by representatives of local business and local government.

Pulev emphasized that BGN 5 billion will be provided for business through the structural funds alone through the Ministry of Innovation and Growth (MIG). "The new Competitiveness Program 2021-2027 (PCIP) with a total budget of nearly BGN 3 billion has already been approved in record time. MIG has sent for approval to Brussels the Program for Scientific Research, Innovation and Digitalization for Economic Transformation with a budget of BGN 2, BGN 14 billion, and we expect its approval in the coming weeks," the minister pointed out.

He pointed out that the Recovery and Resilience Plan is open and working. "According to MIG, under the Plan alone, 600 million BGN will go to small and medium-sized enterprises by the end of the year. Four procedures are being worked on, two of which are already open - "Technological modernization" and "ICT solutions and cyber security. In a few days, the third procedure will be announced for public discussion - for "RES and batteries for local energy storage", with a budget of BGN 200 million, and the fourth will be for development activities and intellectual property for BGN 120 million." Pulev said. It also became clear that by the end of the year MIG will announce the companies that will receive financing under the first open procedure for "Technological modernization" from the Recovery Plan.

The head of the minister's office, KrasiMIG Yakimov, pointed out that according to the data of the General Directorate "European Competitiveness Funds" (GDEFC) from the Targovishte region, 23 project proposals with a total of over BGN 5 million in free funding were submitted under the first open procedure of the Plan for "Technological Modernization".

According to him, MIG has also financed 5 energy efficiency projects for over BGN 642 thousand. The granted grant for overcoming the consequences of COVID-19 in Targovishte, also under MIG, is for BGN 5.6 million as 266 contracts were concluded for its receipt.

Yakimov added that in the Targovishte region, also under MIG, the Bulgarian Investment Agency is in the process of certifying two investment projects for BGN 24.7 million in the production sector. "Through the Bulgarian Development Bank, whose principal is also MIG, 57 enterprises in the Targovishte region have been financed for over BGN 11 million," he said.

According to Iliyana Ilieva, Director General of the General Directorate "European Competitiveness Funds" (DG ECF), MIG's aspiration is to facilitate the application procedures for the programs, reducing the administrative burden on businesses. Iliyana Ilieva announced that in the coming days, a procedure for the PVA will be uploaded for public discussion, through which companies that have received the "Seals of Excellence" mark of the EC will be financed. Their innovative ideas will be supported with a total of BGN 118 million."



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