The closing of the coal plants in our country led to a scandal in the Parliament between the two leading parties

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Source: BTA

The future closure of coal plants and the reduction of carbon emissions have caused a scandal in parliament. The two leading parties - GERB/SDS and "We continue the change" have made mutual accusations of lies and questions about who has made a commitment to close a large percentage of the coal plants in our country, BTA reported.

This happened after, at a briefing in the parliament, GERB-SDS commented on a speech earlier today by the co-chairman of the PP Kiril Petkov in connection with the Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

According to Zhecho Stankov from GERB-SDS, Petkov's claims that the Borisov 3 government has committed to a 40 percent reduction in emissions are not true.

The only member state that voted "abstain" for this type of emission reduction was Bulgaria, and this can be verified at the Environment Council, he pointed out.

After the end of the GERB briefing, Kiril Petkov spoke again to the media in the National Assembly, and during his speech Zhecho Stankov replicated him from the sidelines. The former prime minister asked when Bulgaria made the commitment to reduce emissions. The two got into a direct argument. Microphones were also taken away.

"You have made a commitment to close 83% of the thermal power plants in the country. You have no right to lie to the Bulgarian citizens," Stankov addressed Petkov.

"When was the commitment made to reduce carbon emissions - during the time of GERB or during the time of the PP", the former prime minister asked for his part, after which his colleague from GERB accused the PP of lying and what the colleagues from the EC said.

"Bulgarian citizens want the rehabilitation to continue, the queue of blocks can reach from here to your Danube bridges that you were going to build, so many households want to be rehabilitated. They don't want batteries, they don't want abnormal projects," added Stankov.

"We saw some people who ruled for 12 years, who spent 3 billion on the "Turkish pipe", Kiril Petkov addressed the viewers of the dispute, taking the microphone from Stankov's hands.

Temenuzka Petkova and Asen Vassilev intervened in the scandal.

"No one has spent 3 billion," said the former energy minister from GERB. Tell me which company offered you the batteries. How are you not ashamed to lie", she turned to Kiril Petkov, who provided the microphone to Asen Vassilev.

"We have broken all corrupt practices, and that hurts you a lot," the PP co-chairman pointed out.

Kiril Petkov stated that this is an example of why the PP will never support a GERB mandate. "In addition to wanting to steal, in addition to being part of the corruption and lying a lot - here, this is the real example. There are neither wads nor bars in our drawers," he commented, and Temenuzka Petkova immediately replied: "You have a railing.", she stated and also noted that GERB will not support a PP mandate.



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