The strategic plan for the development of agriculture and rural areas with a budget of 8 billion euros was officially sent to the EC

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The strategic plan for the development of agriculture and rural areas in Bulgaria for the period 2023-2027 was officially sent to the European Commission last night. This happened after the Commission gave the "green light" to the final preliminary assessment document presented by the Ministry of Agriculture team at the beginning of last week.

Over 8 billion euros (8,060,113,677 euros) is the budget for all the interventions listed in the Strategic Plan for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas (SPRZSR) in Bulgaria for the period up to 2027. According to the interventions for Direct Payments, the financial resource is 4 400,517,396 euros, and 3,529,075,550 euros are planned for investments in rural areas. In addition to this, special interventions for the viticulture sector worth 98,935,535 euros and for "Beekeeping" 25,798,563 euros are foreseen.

The finalization of the SPRZSR became possible after several years of work by various regular and official governments, announced the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The first legislative proposal for the new model of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union was made by the EC in 2018. The main legislation was finally adopted in December 2021, and the secondary legislation in early 2022. The Ministry held 24 meetings of the thematic working group, dedicated to the plan, in addition to this, thematic meetings were held both with Bulgarian organizations and sub-sectors, as well as with EC partners.



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