Arch. Shishkov: Sofia still has no decision on the road connection of the ring road with the Lyulin highway

The minister and the mayor, Yordanka Fandakova, announced that the repair of the yellow pavers is being extended by another six months. An option is being sought to speed up the repair of the tram line along Boris III Blvd

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The experts of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and of the Sofia Municipality will work together with the aim of successfully completing the renovation of the central city part of Sofia. Minister Ivan Shishkov and Mayor Yordanka Fandakova agreed on this at a meeting today, the MRRD reported.

In front of the capital's mayor, the regional minister confirmed the already expressed willingness to extend the project's term. During the meeting, it became clear that it can be extended by six months, as are the rules of the Operational Program "Growth Regions" 2014-2020, which finances it. Arch. Shishkov recommended that an analysis be made of how it will be implemented and received the assurance of this from the capital's mayor.

We expect that, despite the difficulties, we will cope with this new deadline. We have a dialogue with the Program's Managing Authority, said Yordanka Fandakova. And he added that the request to extend the project's term is expected to be submitted on Friday. Documents for indexation of value and request for verification of funds are also being prepared.

The methodology and technology for rearranging the yellow pavers will be reviewed very carefully. It is a difficult pavement, but for Sofia and for us it is a symbol and there is no other position but to find the best technology. So far, such a big repair has not been done, she added. Checks must be done on all lines, Yordanka Fandakova also pointed out.

Arch. Shishkov explained that we cannot afford to lose the money. If there are no clear deadlines and criteria for how the renovation of the capital center will be completed, there will be many problems. The regional minister compared the project with the one for the construction of the interconnector, which was the biggest problem for the caretaker government, but was moved in two months. The center of Sofia is the heart and soul of the city and I will do everything to make it the way we want it to be, said Arch. Shishkov. It is obvious that there are gaps in the assignment, the project, the implementation and its control, he noted.

Minister Shishkov expressed concern that due to the commissioning in December 2020 of the repaired "Graf Ignatiev" and "Solunska" streets, which are part of the first stage of the project, their warranty period may expire until the scheduled inspections are carried out by the Governing Body of the program prior to the verification of funds. If a possible problem is identified, the municipality may find itself in the situation of being forced to remove it with funds from the municipal budget, he added. And he called on the Metropolitan Municipality to submit the request for verification, which will be beneficial for both parties. The minister asked for full assistance from the municipality in carrying out the necessary inspections to make it clear exactly how full assistance will be provided for the completion of the project.

There will be ongoing monitoring of the implementation, a timetable for the work is needed, said Deputy Minister Desislava Georgieva.

With the demonstrated good will, the whole team will work only on the project to get the job done, said Mayor Fandakova.

Arch. Shishkov and Yordanka Fandakova also discussed the project for the reconstruction of the route of tram No. 5 along Tsar Boris III Blvd., which is also financed by the operational program. There is concern about the timeline for the next stage due to a delay on the part of the contractor. We will impose sanctions and work in stages so as not to impede traffic, she added.

The two united around the need to make the right decisions for the project to modernize the last part of the Southern arc of the Sofia ring road, the implementation of which is also important for easing access to the upcoming national children's hospital. Arch. Shishkov expressed concern that the connection of the Sofia Ring Road with the Lyulin highway has not yet been resolved and confirmed that on November 14 - Monday, there will be a meeting with the management of the Road Infrastructure Agency and the chief architect of Sofia regarding this topic.

The report on the provision in favor of the state of the municipal land, which falls within the designated land for the construction of the medical facility, will be considered at a meeting of the Metropolitan Municipal Council this Thursday, it will be included as an emergency item, informed Yordanka Fandakova and promised that it will be done everything to make the children's hospital project happen.

The mayor also raised the issue of the need to repair the "Beli Iskar" dam. Once the attitude is there, we have to solve the problem, said Minister Shishkov.

Deputy Ministers Polya Zaneva and Zahari Hristov, the head of the political cabinet Yulia Ivkova and the head of the Directorate for National Construction Control Delyana Panayotova also participated in the meeting from the side of the Ministry of Planning and Development. It was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Sofia Municipality, Eng. Angel Jorgov.



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