Vezhdi Rashidov is the new Speaker of the Parliament after three days of debates

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Vezhdi Rashidov was elected Speaker of the National Assembly, after GERB-SDS, BSP, DPS and "Bulgarian Rise" gathered a majority and nominated his candidacy earlier. The nomination of the oldest member of parliament was supported by a total of 139 deputies. "Against" voted 73 from "Continuing the change" and "Democratic Bulgaria", and the "abstain" option was marked by the 27 people's representatives of "Vazrazhdane".

"I personally, at those years, after having been a deputy for six terms and a minister twice, in my soul I wanted to give myself to my grandchildren. Today something interesting happened. Mrs. Ninova did it because she is a nationally responsible person. She is always was like that. I told her - I would accept only if there is a majority," said the newly elected president.

He addressed the deputies that it is their duty to take care of the people because a hard winter is coming.

"Parliament is not a satirical theater," said Vezhdi Rashidov and added: "I'm begging you again - reduce the whining and the lack of reason."

"This is a very deserving Bulgarian citizen, creator, politician. We have chosen him - let's move forward with a good tone", declared Yordan Tsonev, after which the newly elected chairman announced the composition of the parliamentary groups and gave a 20-minute break.

The chairmen of the parliamentary groups are the following: of GERB-SDS - Desislava Atanasova, of "We continue the change" - Andrey Gyurov, of DPS - Mustafa Karadayi, of "Vazrazhdane" - Kostadin Kostadinov, of BSP - Kornelia Ninova, of "Democratic Bulgaria" - Hristo Ivanov, on "Bulgarian Rise" - Stefan Yanev.

A little earlier from the parliamentary rostrum, the BSP leader Cornelia Ninova announced that a majority was created at the presidential council precisely around the nomination of the oldest member of parliament.

"We voted ten times in 3 days with no result. We all agree that this is how the parliament is blocked and we must find a solution. This is how we open the way to one-man power in Bulgaria and put our people at risk during the winter months," said BSP leader Kornelia Ninova from the parliamentary rostrum at the beginning of the session.

According to her, everyone is unanimous that a way out of the situation must be found.

"We need to show a minimum of sense in order for the parliament to start and to say that as parliamentarians we firmly stand before the parliamentary republic. I am authorized by the majority in the presidential council to announce the candidacy of Vezhdi Rashidov, as the oldest deputy for president," Ninova emphasized on behalf of GERB, DPS, BSP and "Bulgarian Rise".

The GERB-SDS coalition has 67 deputies. DPS has 36, and BSP and "Bulgarian Rise" have 25 and 12 people's representatives, respectively.

Or in total the four parties have 142 votes, with which, upon a vote, Vezhdi Rashidov's candidacy will be accepted without any problems.

After Ninova's speech, "We continue the change" asked for a 15-minute break, which provoked an additional dispute in the hall. The representatives of the PP explained their request for a break with the surprise that the candidacy of the oldest deputy for the chairmanship was announced by the BSP.

Only the chairman can decide whether to grant a break, said Yordan Tsonev from the DPS from the parliamentary rostrum.

However, the PP asked Vezhdi Rashidov to act as he has done in the past two days and to give rest to the other parliamentary groups.

"Apparently, some people's representatives do not want the National Assembly to exist at all - they simply want to be in power, because they are the only bearers of justice, of truth, of law, without considering what is written in the Constitution. And they are trying here for 1-2 days to return things to the initial situation, they are trying to please their voters before the election, marketing, and not to do work for the benefit of the people after the election. If we continue with this behavior as people's representatives, there will be no need for political scientists and all kinds of analysts, but rather than psychologists and psychiatrists," Karadai said.

"You have a desire to lead this Assembly or this is an act of desire to stop the crisis", Asen Vasilev turned to Vezhdi Rashidov and again asked for 15 minutes to hold consultations in the PP group.

"I cannot understand why there is resistance. We have been sitting for three days, do you think these 15 minutes will be critical," Vassilev asked his colleagues in the hall and continued: "If the majority is afraid of a 15-minute break, how will this parliament work?"

For her part, Desislava Atanasova answered him from the parliamentary rostrum that Kiril Petkov, Nikola Minchev and Andrey Gyurov were present at the presidential council and had time to inform their parliamentary groups about the decision.

"We need these 15 minutes to understand within the parliamentary group how to vote," Kiril Petkov also stated. Rashidov pointed out that if the debates continue for a fourth day - "it will be a crime".

"I will have to weigh which is more important - my personality or the people," said the presiding National Assembly and refused to give 15 minutes rest to PP.

"Vazrazhdane" once again raised the candidacy of Tsveta Rangelova.

Earlier, after none of the three candidates were elected, Parliament Speaker Vezhdi Rashidov described the situation as not just deteriorating, but hopeless.

"I have only one wish. To reason, to be humble - we did it yesterday. Now it's the turn of reason," added Rashidov and let the people's representatives go for a 30-minute break.

Shortly after the failed election, Kiril Petkov from the PP stated that they had shown the model for a way out of this situation.

"The first step that "Continuing the Change" took was that it withdrew its candidate, and the second - that we voted for a candidate from another party," commented Petkov.



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