President Radev called for the adoption of the budget by the end of the year, but emphasized that the official cabinet is also ready to do so

The cabinet is ready today to introduce priority investment costs for defense modernization and a project for eight more aircraft

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Reason and courage are necessary for a government to rule in severe trials. But there are urgent issues related to the fight against poverty and low incomes, the growth of crime, said the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev at the opening of the 28th National Assembly. On the day of St. Ivan of Rila, Radev called for humility. President Radev called for the adoption of a budget for 2023 by the end of the year, for a budget in relation to societal challenges. But the caretaker government is also ready to submit a budget proposal. It is necessary to adopt measures to compensate consumers for the high prices of energy carriers.

The Cabinet managed to draft the bills necessary to receive the first tranche of the funds under the Recovery Plan, Radev said. As a matter of urgency, it is important to take measures to support the rule of law, against corruption at high levels of power and the de facto inviolability of the Prosecutor General. Action should also be taken on another sore subject of lack of sufficient mechanisms for abuse of power crimes and drunk and drugged drivers which continue to claim hundreds of lives. We have to deal with the feeling of impunity.

But Radev also emphasized the need to accelerate the modernization of our defense. Already today, the cabinet is ready and will present priority investment costs and a project for the next eight aircraft. Let national security not be opposed to social policy, because without national security there is no good social policy, commented Rumen Radev. Bulgaria must protect its air sovereignty, the president added.

Vezhdi Rashidov opened the 48th National Assembly. He said he remembers the name changes, the freezing winter of 1997, the hunger strike of the Grand National Assembly, the protests and the people behind the megaphones. Wisdom is born in memory, and it is built of shifts, the best prophet of the future is the past. Several times he called on the people's representatives to "Think". Rashidov emphasized that the path to aggression and denial is the easiest, we lose our way in crises and everyday problems.

"Let's argue, but not offend each other, let's fight, but not kill each other," Rashidov said and ended "Think".



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