Minister Pulev: BGN 30.6 million for cyber security starting today for businesses under the Recovery Plan

BGN 550 million under the Recovery Plan and another BGN 550 million from structural innovation funds are available to the tourism industry only through MIG

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Source: Ministry of Innovation and Growth

The Ministry of Innovation and Growth today opened a procedure for applications for "ICT solutions and cyber security" for BGN 30.6 million. This is the second procedure that the Ministry of Innovation and Growth (MIG) has launched under the Recovery Plan. This was announced by Minister Alexander Pulev at a briefing in Varna.

"According to the procedure, Bulgarian companies can receive grants from BGN 3,000 to BGN 20,000, and co-financing will not be required," he pointed out. According to it, companies will be able to strengthen their security systems. It is extremely relevant given the situation, he pointed out and added that the Bulgarian business will be able to use the means for cyber security, websites, online stores, phone applications, IT systems and digital marketing. The application period for the procedure is two months.

"In MIG, we already have 2 open procedures under the Recovery Plan, and for the first one, for Technological Modernization, the application has already ended and we have an excellent result, as 2,500 project proposals have been submitted," announced Pulev.

The Minister of Innovation and Growth together with the Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov gave a joint briefing and held a meeting with the tourism business in Varna to explain the possibilities under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan (RSP) and EU structural funds to the tourism sector.

Pulev emphasized that under the procedure that opens today for ICT solutions and cyber security, companies from the tourism sector are also eligible to apply. "Money for innovations for energy efficiency and working capital in tourism is available in several directions along the MIG line," he pointed out. According to him, according to the PVU, in addition to ICT solutions and cyber security, companies from the tourism industry will be able to apply by the end of the year and under the upcoming procedure for RES for own production and storage of energy, with a budget of BGN 200 million. They will be able to also benefit from guarantee instruments for over BGN 290 million for growth and for energy efficiency and renewable energy. "Thus, the funds through PVU under MIG for tourism are close to BGN 550 million only until the end of the year," he said.

Pulev specified that under the "Competitiveness and Innovations in Enterprises" Program 2021-2027 (PCIP) approved on October 3 in Brussels, the tourism business will be able to apply for another nearly BGN 550 million under various procedures related to the development and implementation of innovations.

He emphasized that the branch is also eligible under the line of resource for working capital through the Fund of Funds and BBR. "Under the Fund Recovery program, companies can take unsecured loans for BGN 225 million through 7 banks, incl. restaurants, hotels and tour operators", he pointed out and added that BBR also offers revolving loans for companies from the tourism sector - hoteliers and restaurateurs, and the funds can be used both to cover current needs and to refinance existing obligations .

Pulev pointed out that BBR should do more for business and called on the tourism industry to develop together with MIG new tools through BBR to support operators in the tourism sector, following the example of similar tools that MIG and BBR are also developing for innovations in agriculture.

Iliyana Ilieva, the Director General of the Main Directorate of European Competitiveness Funds at MIG, added that the Ministry has concluded a contract with the Ministry of Tourism under OPIC worth BGN 62.8 million to deal with migration challenges as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. According to it, transfers have been made to the native hoteliers for expenses so far for over 1 million overnight stays for 93,834 refugees, with MIG having first paid an advance of over BGN 12 million and the approval and payment of an interim report worth over BGN 47 million is pending.

According to Ilieva, there is currently a new request from the Ministry of Tourism for a new BGN 9 million, which MIG will provide for overnight stays and a hot lunch for Bulgarian hoteliers sheltering Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war.

Minister Ilin Dimitrov thanked Minister Pulev for the quick response and the quick transformation of the resources so that they reach the native hoteliers.



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