Minister Shishkov: The construction companies were hostages of the government of the state and the municipalities

From lot 2 of AM Trakiya to the repair of the yellow paving stones in Sofia, the problems are the same

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Source: MRRB

"The whole process of awarding public contracts to construction companies is at a very low level - from the state itself and from the municipalities. And the main problem is not in the companies, but in the contracting authority and the way of awarding and managing this process."

This was explained by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Arch. Ivan Shishkov in front of BNT, quoted by the press center of the MRRB.

He again gave the example of lots 2 and 3 on the Trakiya highway, between Stara and Nova Zagora and between Nova Zagora and Yambol. During the inspection, it was found that there are fewer shortages of materials in the Stara Zagora - Nova Zagora section than in the Nova Zagora - Yambol lot, as the first section was built at a higher price than the second, and in both cases the warranty period is passed away.

"That's why I think that even when these prices were assigned, everything that we found was most likely literally planned or foreseen. Because there is no logic - the second route has a more complex relief, and the price should be lower", the minister revealed and added that the contract is at a price without the elements of the road - i.e. an amount is determined, it is decided that it should be enough for the construction of the road and the construction activities begin."

It is precisely because of this way of awarding that the work of the construction companies is like this, it became clear from the words of the minister.

"Companies practically have no other choice, they were hostages of the government and the municipalities", the architect also commented and emphasized that if things are set up so that everyone fulfills them, this problem cannot happen. That is why the official team of the MRRB is working to solve this issue.

Another problem in the awarding of construction activities is the carrying out of basic repairs, presented on documents as current, recalled architect Shishkov, where, however, there is no company for supervision and a lot of money is saved from the supervision procedures.

According to the regional minister, it turns out that the contracts were awarded for technological projects that do not even exist in legal peace, and for many years there was no unit in the API responsible for controlling the main repairs of the roads.

On the air of BNT, he announced that the company - builder of lot 2 on the highway "Trakiya" - "Trace Group Hold" AD received the order for the repair of the yellow paving stones in Sofia. And according to him, the capital is about to lose the European funding for the repair of the city center, provided under the OP "Regions in Growth", which is managed by the Ministry of Regional Development. The financial framework that the ministry should provide is BGN 41 million, of which BGN 46 million is the entire project and the co-financing from the capital municipality is about BGN 5 million.

"In order to absorb the money, the repair of the entire central part of the city must be ready and qualitatively done by March 2023," Shishkov also said. However, the yellow pavers are still to be rearranged, the renovation of Shishman Street is also ongoing.

"Due to the delay by the Ministry of Planning and Development, we are considering starting preliminary inspections of the implementation of the project," concluded the minister.



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