Big business is satisfied with the actions of the caretaker government in the energy sector and compensation for consumers

Prime Minister Donev met with employers' organizations

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Source: Council of Ministers

The caretaker government continues to work for the security of energy supplies at affordable prices for businesses and citizens. In just two months, we managed to achieve complete diversification of natural gas sources and routes after the start of the Greece-Bulgaria Interconnector. This was stated by Prime Minister Galab Donev at a meeting with representatives of employers' organizations. Deputy Prime Ministers Hristo Alexiev and Atanas Pekanov and ministers Rositsa Velkova, Nikola Stoyanov and Alexander Pulev took part in the meeting. This was announced by the Government Information Service today.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that the lower price of natural gas for the month of October and reduced fuel prices will have an impact on inflationary processes in the country. "We are continuing the compensation program for non-domestic consumers, we are also working on a mechanism to guarantee citizens energy security in the coming months," emphasized the Prime Minister.

Donev pointed out to the employers that Bulgaria, Europe and the world are in an unprecedented crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine, which is the reason for the high prices of energy carriers and the first signs of a global recession. "In this context, it is important to have adequate plans for the stability and development of our economy, to look for alternative sources of supplies and to enter additional markets, outside the traditional ones," Donev said.

The prime minister added that the cabinet is also working on the process of our country joining the Eurozone and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. A priority for the caretaker government is the preparation of bills related to the implementation of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan. With these actions, Bulgaria confirms to its European partners its position as a stable country with economic predictability.

The representatives of the employers' organizations noted the good communication with the service cabinet. During the meeting, they welcomed the government's decision to extend the program to compensate businesses for high electricity prices until the end of the year. They emphasized that it is extremely important that the action of this measure be continued in the next year.

Prime Minister Donev noted that the government sees a real corrective to its actions in the employers' organizations and emphasized that it will continue the open dialogue with them.



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