CEC at 99.4% processed: Seven coalitions enter the new parliament, ITNs have a result below 4%

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Source: Central Election Commission

With 99.4% of the sectional protocols from yesterday's parliamentary vote processed, seven formations will enter the new 48th National Assembly, according to CEC data. The winner of the elections was the GERB-SDS formation, the coalition received 25.37 percent, with 632,097 votes for the formation.

About 5 percent lower is the result of "We continue the change" - 20.21 percent, with 503,549 voting for the party.

Third in terms of result are the DPS with 13.66 percent (340,211 of those who voted), and the fourth force is the "Revival" party - with an intermediate result of 10.17 percent (253,321 votes).

The fifth position is for "BSP for Bulgaria" with 9.32 percent (with 232,101 votes), followed by "Democratic Bulgaria" with 7.46 percent (185,753 votes from those who exercised their right to vote).

"Bulgarian Rise" is the seventh formation entering the new parliament, receiving 4.64 percent of the votes, with 115,588 voting for this party.

Below the barrier to enter the parliament of 4 percent is the party "There is such a people", and so far it has a result of 3.83% (or 95,505 votes).



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