EWRC: Sofia District Heating to provide comprehensive information on the correction of the annual balancing accounts

The requested information refers to the equalization bills for thermal energy of the customers in the city of Sofia for the period from 01.05.2021 to 30.04.2022

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In connection with the high public interest and after receiving inquiries regarding the correction of the VAT rate from 20% to 9% in the annual balancing accounts for thermal energy of the customers of "Sofia District Heating " EAD, the chairman of the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation Assoc. Ivan Ivanov required the management of the company to provide comprehensive information on this important issue for consumers.

"Sofia District Heating" EAD must send information to the Commission about the period in which heat energy customers will receive a corrected tax invoice with a reflected rate of 9% VAT on the amounts due for heat energy, according to a message from the regulator.

Requested for clarification and how the company will inform customers of the differences in the amounts due with a charged rate of 20% VAT and 9% VAT.

The Commission expects from "Sofia District Heating" EAD comprehensive information on the number of customers affected by corrections to the invoices in which the annual equalization account is reflected, as well as the total value of the corrections made.

In addition, the company must provide clarifications on the issue of which invoices, on what basis and in which cases interest will be charged for overdue payment.

In addition to the requested information, "Sofia District Heating" EAD should submit to the regulator a model of the invoice, in which the way in which the customers will be informed about the differences in the amounts due with a charged rate of 20% VAT and 9% VAT, is specified by the press center of EWRC.

All the necessary information must be provided by "Sofia District Heating" EAD within three days, it is stated in the letter of the chairman of EWRC to the executive director of the company Alexander Alexandrov.



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