Experts Vasko Nachev and Yavor Kuyumdzhiev on the price of gas: The situation is complex and difficult to solve

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"At the moment, and all the time, we use mostly Russian gas, but we buy it through intermediaries at a much higher price than if both Russia and Bulgaria were fulfilling their supply contract. Today the price is 244.55 euros per megawatt hour". This is what energy expert Yavor Kuyumdzhiev said in "The Day Begins" on BNT. Against the background of this market price, the price in Bulgaria of BGN 315 is much lower. According to him, if the contract had been fulfilled, the price would have been around BGN 260-270.

Energy expert Vasko Nachev disagreed with the statement that we are still receiving Russian gas. According to him, most of the quantities of gas currently entering Bulgaria are from the Greek market. Russian gas in general, which enters the Greek market, is 26%. How does Mr. Kuyumdzhiev think that all of them enter Bulgaria, and the rest of the gas remains on the Greek market?

And Kuyumdzhiev replied that 26% of Greek consumption is as much as we consume in principle.

A system works extremely well with a pressure balance for the path of the gas along the Greek route, Nachev explained.

According to Vasko Nachev, the real situation should be explained. "The situation is extremely complex and not easy to solve, especially after the interim government's statement on Friday that it is giving up the secure possibility of supplying liquefied gas." But the most correct decision is to take only one tanker to ensure supplies in October, and let the new government decide what to do next and whether to accept the rest of the often contracted LNG tankers.

"Bulgargaz" should have entered into negotiations for reserving slots," commented Vasko Nachev. The organization works with an old approach to work, which in the current open market is not working.

Yavor Kuyumdzhiev warned that due to the high price of gas, some enterprises are already shutting down.

"At these prices, the prices of bread and of many products in the production of which gas is essential" explained Yavor Kuyumdzhiev and specified that he sees a way out of the situation through another loan that Bulgaria must take and support the people.

Vasko Nachev is emphatic that "compensation" does not help anyone. According to him, it is necessary to assess who really needs assistance. According to him, many of the statements are populist and do not correspond to the truth.



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