The Mayor of Sofia Yordan Fandakova: The heating season for Sofia residents will be ensured and there will be no shortage of gas

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Source: Prt Sc/ New TV

The heating season for Sofia residents will be ensured and there will be no shortage of gas, Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova announced in the studio of "Wake Up" on Nova TV.

"We all consider the prices and the possibilities. We worry about what lies ahead this winter. We carefully monitor the costs of municipal buildings, schools, theaters, galleries, but the most important thing is the heating of the people and whether there will be gas during this heating season," she said.

"Yesterday, I had a meeting with the Minister of Energy, who assured me that the heating season for the people of Sofia will be ensured and there will be no shortage of gas," said Fandakova.

According to her, "Sofia District Heating" provides heating to about 1 million people and this service has no alternative. "That is why it is important that the threats that we heard in the last days of the previous chairman of EWRC, that Sofia will be without gas from September 1, are no longer on the agenda," commented the capital's mayor.

Yordanka Fandakova also commented on the debts of Sofia District Heating. "We are all worried after the latest decision of the EWRC from this week for a gas price of nearly BGN 300 per megawatt hour. For both citizens and businesses, these are prohibitive prices. "Sofia District Heating" buys the gas at the same price. At the same time, the price at which he sells thermal energy is based on the fixed price of gas from the EWRC of BGN 122. This is a difference of nearly BGN 180 for each megawatt hour and is a continuous accumulation of new obligations", she pointed out and specified that the expectations are for August alone, from these differences, "Sofia District Heating" accumulated new liabilities of 52 million.

"These are unpaid bills to Bulgargaz. It is necessary to look for a common solution", added the mayor of Sofia.

Fandakova was categorical that the subscribers cannot be burdened with a new increase in the prices of thermal energy, but at the same time it is clear that the losses for "Sofia District Heating" will continue to accumulate. "That's why we will continue the talks about looking for the solution for the whole system together, because the companies in the energy sector are like jumped vessels", she pointed out.

Asked if the cost of heating and hot water in Sofia were to rise, by how much it could be, the capital's mayor replied: "I think there is no such danger. This is not possible. The decision is of EWRC. We have not held talks, but the price was determined by the previous composition from July 1 and it will be valid for the beginning of the heating season".

Regarding whether there will be energy savings in public buildings, Yordanka Fandakova stated that heating will certainly decrease in the buildings of the municipal administration.

"I hope for schools, kindergartens and hospitals that we won't have a problem. It is very important that the school year starts and continues in a normal rhythm after the years of pandemic. We are looking at administrative buildings and street lighting," she added.

When asked if it is possible to introduce a current regime in Sofia, he answered: "If there is no problem with heating with "Sofia District Heating", then I hope this will not be necessary."

Asked if she would run for mayor of Sofia in next year's local elections, she replied: "The situation is extremely dynamic. What I am focused on is ensuring the heating season and the execution of our program. At the moment, this topic is not on the agenda. We still have a lot of work to do."



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