Grozdan Karadzhov is also leaving his post, the budget does not provide money for the Hemus Motorway and the Botevgrad-Vidin road

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Source: BTA, archive

The Minister of Regional Development and Public Works from the quota of "There is such a people" Grozdan Karadzhov called "false" the accusations of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov that the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works wanted 3.9 billion extra and that he would give money to "thieving companies" through public procurement API. Only a day earlier, ITN leader Slavi Trifonov announced that he was withdrawing his ministers from the government and ruining the coalition.

Karadjov announced that he resigned yesterday.

"What was presented to you yesterday, that almost I or ITN have asked for 3.9 billion extra in the budget of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works is a lie. I never wanted that, there is no such order in my requests," Karadzhov said at the beginning of his statement.

"I informed about a serious hole - in the budget of 3.9 billion, which is obtained," the minister explained.

According to him, 1.2 billion have been transferred from the budget of the regional ministry for old payments and even more - also for old, started payments, with which the budget of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works is additionally burdened. Karadjov claims that Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has pledged that the funds will be added to the budget update.

"The renewed state plan-account does not include any money for the construction of the Hemus highway and the Vidin-Botevgrad highway," the minister said, adding: "No one has set a condition for providing additional funds for the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. There is an accumulated deficit, not the money Karadzhov wants to fill the throats of thieving companies. "

According to him, the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev explained that there will be no money for Hemus and the expressway until the case with the in-house procedures is resolved.

"In the panic that they are losing power, they started talking in the same way as when electing the BNB governor, about the thieving companies, about things that have nothing to do with the case of our departure yesterday, nor correspond to the facts," Karadjov said. .

The Minister also noted that at the end of January he sent a flash drive with information to Petkov, Vassilev and Rashkov about the "dramas" with in-house procedures and questions about how to proceed, and requested a meeting, which took place 5 months later.

The topic was what we are doing with the in-house contracts and with all this mess - whether we will terminate them or not. Rashkov was also present at the meeting, who yesterday gave some information that we are secretly preparing an option to circumvent the rules. Lena Borislavova sent an e-mail to all of us - Karadzhov, Vassilev, Petkov, Andrey Tsekov, Anna Adamova, Ivaylo Staykov, Zhana Dokova - he said: "Hello! Steamed porridge spirit. That is why I am recording in writing the agreements reached at the meeting for Hemus Motorway. A working group is being set up between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, which aims to draft a law entitled "Law on Completion of the Stolen Highway". It applies to all lots, "Karadjov said, reading the other tasks outlined in the letter.

"Unfortunately, I have never heard so many lies told by one person in my life, let alone addressed to me," Karadzhov said in response to accusations by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov that the ITN is in power only for public procurement through the RIA and wants to pay companies close to the previous government.

The Speaker of the Parliament Nikola Minchev stated that so far the National Assembly has not received any documents for personal changes in the Council of Ministers.



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