Prime Minister Kiril Petkov to meet with European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform Eliza Ferreira on Friday

EU Commissioner to be special guest at Green Deal - Innovation, Investment and Fair Transition

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Photo: EP audiovisual service

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov will meet with European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform Eliza Ferreira on Friday (June 10th), the government's information service said. EU Commissioner Ferreira will be a special guest at the event "Green Deal - Innovation, Investment and Fair Transition" organized by and 3eNews.

The focus of the conversation will be the forthcoming conclusion of the Partnership Agreement of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2021-2027. It sets out the strategic orientation for programming and the conditions for effective and efficient use of European funds for the period January 1, 2021 - December 31. 2027

Member States set their objectives and priorities for funding through EU cohesion policy through a Partnership Agreement. This is a strategic document that outlines the main investment areas and activities to achieve sustainable, inclusive and smart growth. For the first time in the Agreement, Bulgaria has included a commitment to direct 50% of the funds to the three northern regions in order to overcome regional disparities.

The operational programs detail the Partnership Agreement and present detailed plans in which EU member states set out how the Structural and Cohesion Funds will be spent during the programming period. During the period 2021-2027 Bulgaria plans 10 programs.

The agreement is being developed in compliance with the principles of partnership and transparency. The activities envisaged in it are the basis for the efficient and quality use of the structural and cohesion funds.



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