Alexander Nikolov: Regardless of whether the IGB is ready, the Azerbaijani gas will be here on July 1. It is also known where the American LNG will be delivered

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Azeri gas will be here from July 1st, regardless of whether the gas connection with Greece is ready, as its commissioning is subject to regulation. However, given the annexes to supply contracts, it will be more expensive. As for American gas, it is known where it will be delivered. This was assured by the Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov during a regular hearing in the Energy Committee of the National Assembly.


There is no technical delay in the route for the gas interconnection between Greece and Bulgaria (IGB gas pipeline). This was said by the Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov in response to a question whether the gas pipeline will be launched on July 1. From then on, however, everything depends on the regulation, and we are actively working on this with the European Commission, so that the process can proceed faster, Nikolov added. As it is known, after the gas pipeline is completed, it must go through a certification procedure by the regulatory authorities of Greece and Bulgaria. The process essentially takes about 3 months.

Azeri gas in full from July 1

The full volume of Azerbaijani gas will be delivered to our country from July 1. Talks have been held on the full supply of Azeri gas, even if the gas connection with Greece has not been put into operation, it became clear from the words of Minister Nikolov in response to the MP from Democratic Bulgaria Vladimir Panev. "Planning additional quantities, or quantities beyond the current ones, is a function of several things," he said. In this regard, he pointed out the possibilities of the Shah Deniz field, as well as the annexes to the contracts for the supply of Azeri gas. "It simply came to our notice then. Secondly, it should be clear that Bulgargaz is currently meeting all its contractual requirements with Gazprom Export. Accordingly, requests are executed that are not executed. Lastly, there is a clear trade risk or trade effect of negotiating forward decisions on a month-to-month basis, as they are at spot prices (higher). Accordingly, the need for such a decision is currently not available and the quantities in full will go to Bulgaria from July 1. I would like to emphasize that in order to avoid any speculation about entering directly on the Komotini-Stara Zagora route, even if it is not in regulatory mode or in direct commercial operation, all possible other routes can be used, ie there will be no problem to enter all quantities in Bulgaria, "the minister added.

"Currently, the price that could be realized by Azerbaijan for delivery" immediately "is significantly higher than the contract of" Bulgargaz "with other contractors. However, the company is trying to achieve a lower price, "said Nikolov.

The gas storage in Chiren

"The gas storage in Chiren is up to 21% full," the minister said in response to a question from MP Georgiev of Vazrazhdane. The minister explained that the filling of the gas storage depends a lot on the contract with the main supplier in the person of the Russian company Gazprom.

Bulgargaz is still in an active contract with Gazprom, he reminded. "If the relevant quantities are not delivered, it is very difficult to perform the function of both a public supplier and a booster. However, every effort will be made to ensure that the heating season is not at any risk, firstly in terms of supply and secondly in terms of price tolerance. '

"When Gazprom does not fulfill the contract, it puts the whole system at risk. It is realistic to fill the gas storage if there is a contract, or there is an alternative supplier, "Nikolov explained. On this basis, he explained that when it comes to quantities delivered by an alternative supplier, it is already a question of price risk. However, BEH has been tasked with providing the opportunity for maximum gas injection in Chiren.

For American LNG

It is known where the gas will be delivered from the United States, because the ships have been on the water for a long time, said Minister Nikolov. "There is a specific point that is specified in the contracts," Nikolov added. The specific contracts have been signed by Bulgargaz.

After the suspension of Russian gas supplies on April 27, Bulgargaz "looked for all possible alternative routes. The public supplier has the opportunity to use the service in full - delivery to a specific terminal, regasification, transport to Bulgaria," he said. supplies to any European country and due to the risks due to the war in Ukraine, both Bulgargaz and Bulgartransgaz are trying to maintain long-term relations with the partners needed for natural gas to reach Bulgaria. According to him, all terminals and locations are currently being worked on, including swap transactions from liquefied to conventional gas.

Alexander Nikolov clarified that negotiations on gas supplies from the United States began in January. He declined to comment on the specific company that will supply LNG, citing trade secrets. The Minister of Energy assured that the company that will provide the relevant quantities has offered the lowest price.

From Nikolov's words it became clear that there is no change in the position on gas payments in rubles. He confirmed that our country will not violate the transit agreement for Serbia. Asked by BSP MP Dragomir Stoynev whether there was a contract between the Turkish company Botash and Bulgaria's Bulgartransgaz for gas supplies, the minister said he was working on an option for the two operators to fulfill their trade relations.

For Chaira SHPP

A full review of the work of Chaira SHPP for the last ten years will be made, at least since 2012, including the internal management of the company. This was announced by the Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov in response to a question from MP Tenev from "There is such a people". He explained that the facility is extremely important for the country's electricity system. From this point of view, it will be checked what decisions are made and whether they are relevant to the accident.

"As the full picture of what and why led to the last accident is not yet available, this is the only reason you are not familiar with this report. When there is a clearly substantiated causal link and you will be informed about the possibilities for rehabilitation and for a specific period of time ", Minister Nikolov undertook. He specified that there is a working group for inspection, which includes representatives of all technical universities and experts from the electricity system under the auspices of BEH, who will give their opinions.

"The legal analysis is coming to an end and when it is ready we will provide it to the MPs," Nikolov said.

Kozloduy NPP

"The Bulgarian state will never close the door to contractors. We will try to maintain relations with specific legal entities to ensure the country's energy security." Thus, Minister Nikolov answered the question whether they are working on options for spare parts for the nuclear power plant, as well as for fuel. Nikolov informed that there is a working group and a "detailed plan" has been prepared. He clarified that for the next two years there will be no problem with fuel. The Minister was adamant that regardless of the war, "the Bulgarian state will never close the door to critical counterparties." He added that cooperation will be sought with other countries where Russian reactors have been built, so as to ensure the security of the plant.



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