The government insists on compliance with contractual relations in the supply of natural gas

Prime Minister Petkov thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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Kiril Petkov during the visit to the gas metering station "Komotini", part of the gas connection Komotini - Stara Zagora.

Source: Council of Ministers, archive

I do not think that Russia can afford to lose the whole European Union. Bulgaria's firm first step helped the whole Union to take the same firm position. This was stated today by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on the occasion of Russian natural gas supplies and payments in rubles. "Putin would be very happy if Bulgaria accepted his terms. This would show that the first EU country has already succumbed to this twist. This was his first task. The other goal, perhaps, was that if it does not give in and gas prices go up a lot - the Bulgarian government will fall. This would send a very bad signal to other European countries. To our joy, none of them happened ", Petkov explained his hypotheses.

According to the Prime Minister, Bulgaria has shown a clear position on the issue of blue fuel. The government will continue to defend the interests of our country. "We are not against anyone, but we are for compliance with contractual relations. No one can unilaterally claim any conditions. The government in this composition does not intend to succumb to foreign pressure, "said the Prime Minister.

Petkov expects to have a clear procedure soon on how the 25 cent discount on fuel will be applied in the most efficient way. For this purpose, the Ministry of Finance is in communication with gas stations.

The Prime Minister Kiril Petkov participated in the opening of a new office in Sofia of the Bulgarian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Chamber has been operating in Bulgaria since 2013.

There is nothing better than two neighboring countries being friendly, open to joint business and trusting, the prime minister said. He congratulated the leadership of the chamber for the step to open an office in the Bulgarian capital and noted that Turkey is one of the major investors in Bulgaria. I want to thank the Turkish government and President Erdogan for their support for the faster arrival of Azerbaijani gas in Bulgaria, said the Bulgarian Prime Minister. He assured the business representatives present at the event that the government will show zero tolerance for corruption in order to develop a good business environment in our country.

In addition to business representatives, the event was also attended by the Bulgarian Minister of Innovation and Growth Daniel Lorer and the Turkish Ambassador to Bulgaria HE Eileen Sekizkök.

When asked about the topic of Northern Macedonia, the Prime Minister clearly emphasized that he does not undertake any commitments on his own, without the position being discussed at a coalition council and decided in the National Assembly. His comment came on the words of EU Commissioner Oliver Varhei, who expects Bulgaria to give the green light to PCM within days.



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