The price of gasoline exceeded BGN 3 per liter

Rising prices continued for other motor fuels, methane is again a record, diesel is well behind it

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The average price of the most popular gasoline A95 has already exceeded the psychological limit of BGN 3 per liter. After staying at a few stotinki below for almost a month, it has started to grow little by little since April 27. From BGN 2.95 per liter the average price of gasoline in our country rose to BGN 2.97 within two days. On the second working day after the last holidays - May 4, there was a new increase to BGN 2.99. Yesterday its average price reached BGN 3, and today it is BGN 3.01, according to data from the specialized portal

Thus, the most popular gasoline became another automotive fuel, which rose to such levels. First, this happened with diesel fuel, which exceeded the limit of BGN 3 per liter on March 26. Shortly afterwards - on April 4, the same happened with until recently the cheapest and most economical to use auto fuel - methane. Thus, to date, only propane butane remains at relatively low and affordable prices, although they have risen significantly in recent months.

An increase since the beginning of the month has been observed in all fuels, with diesel being the largest. Its average price on May 1 was BGN 3.13 per liter, while today it is BGN 3.21, or in other words the price increase is 8 stotinki in just 5 days. However, the record is methane, for which the price has increased by 12 stotinki since the beginning of this month and the kilogram now costs BGN 3.40. A slight increase is also reported in propane butane. After its price has remained at the level of BGN 1.60 for one month, since May 3 it has been 1 stotinka higher.

There has been a significant increase in the price of all automotive fuels over the last year. It will hardly be a surprise for someone that it is a record for methane, poppy and the rest is not small. The suitable gas for cars from the last St. George's Day has so far increased its price by over 140% or by BGN 1.99 within 12 months. In percentage terms, propane butane ranks second. In one year, the price has risen by 49 percent. If on May 6, 2021 the liter at the gas stations in our country cost on average BGN 1.08, today it is BGN 1.61. From the point of view of real money, however, the price of autogas has risen the least - by 53 stotinki. In this respect, the second place after methane is held by diesel. Its price for the year has risen by BGN 1.12 per liter. As a percentage, this represents almost 54 percent. A95 petrol has become 44% more expensive in one year. On May 6 last year its average price was BGN 2.09, and today it is 92 stotinki higher - BGN 3.01.

A few days ago, the chairman of the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association (BPGA), Zhivodar Terziev, warned of a possible continuation of the price increases. He explained that this is suggested by several factors, but noted that it is not possible to predict exactly how much and for how long will increase the cost of motor fuels. On the one hand, the rise in prices is influenced by contradictory signals from the EU as to whether action will be taken to ban the import of Russian oil and gas into the EU. Which makes markets volatile. The uncertainty of the price of natural gas this month brings additional tension in our country, as the EWRC is not expected to make a decision until next Tuesday. Suspended gas supplies from Russia are also contributing to shocks and rising prices.

On the other hand, Terziev explained the more serious rise in the price of diesel by the fact that the demand for it is much higher, as it is used not only by cars, but also by trucks, trucks, agricultural machinery and some industries. That is why its price on the markets is constantly increasing, as there are days when a ton of wholesale increases by 20-30 USD.

A slight rise in oil prices on world markets was also registered yesterday. Light crude rose 0.42% to  108.26 USD/barrel. The price increase for Brent crude was 0.69%, with the barrel selling at the end of trading for 110.90 USD.



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