Gazprom's annex to gas supplies envisions an 11% increase in gas prices, according to Minister Nikolov

The main problem is the transfer of payments to a third party, the minister said. He estimated the annexes to the renegotiation of the Azerbaijani gas route to a negative effect of 370 million euros

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source: BNT

The problem with natural gas is Europe's dependence on supplies from Russia because of electricity production. If the supply is interrupted, the power supply may be interrupted. This was explained by the Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov through BNT.

According to Nikolov, the annex proposed by Gazprom regarding the payment for gas in rubles provided for an 11% increase in the price of natural gas, but in his words "this is the smallest problem." The main one is the transfer of the payment to a third party.

The Minister of Energy also explained that the price of gas for Bulgaria from next week will be more expensive, but did not say how much. "Depending on what we agree on in the last hours with Azerbaijan," he said, accusing previous energy leaders of short-sightedness.

The minister rejected an earlier opinion expressed by MRF MP Ramadan Atalay that the decision not to sign the annex proposed by Gazprom for the payment in rubles was not his personal and there was not enough good diplomacy.

"In no way did I need advice from anyone. Bulgargaz complied with all possible diplomatic requirements. There is no way to sign what came from Gazprom on any reasonable basis. First - because it contains elements that are unacceptable, second - because it puts Bulgaria in an unenviable position. Third - because whoever signs this thing, he is a potential client of the prosecution. Fourth - because if this thing is signed, it means extremely severe financial consequences for Bulgargaz”, Nikolov explained.

According to him, when signing this annex, there is a risk of rising gas prices. The Bulgarian side has not violated any clause - the Minister was categorical. Later, from the interview with BNT, it became clear that the annex to the contract provided for an 11% increase in the price of natural gas.

Earlier, the minister explained to Nova TV that this annex became part of the contract with the Russian company Gazprom Export.

However, we remind you that the long-term contract, whether or not with an annex expires at the end of this year.

"We had a meeting in Brussels, followed by a meeting on May 2 between all energy ministers. The main topic will be what actions the different countries will take. The dependence of Austria and Germany is quite different from the Bulgarian one, explained Minister Nikolov. "I expect there to be a unified EU position," he said.

The minister rejected the alleged increase in gas prices.

It is very easy to speculate on prices. Bulgargaz is doing everything possible to secure a competitive price, he said.

"Partly, the quantities that are not consumed in Greece remain in Bulgaria. These are surpluses and it is quite normal, if their price is competitive, for Bulgargaz to take advantage of them, "Nikolov explained.

At the same time, he confirmed the rise in prices.

"Starting next week, gas will be more expensive in Bulgaria, depending on what we manage to negotiate with Azerbaijan," Nikolov said, accusing the signing of all annexes to the agreement on the transfer of Azerbaijani gas to Bulgaria under the 370m-euro negative effect on the route, it is currently taking.

However, the Minister of Energy expressed optimism that in the medium and long term the price of gas in the European region will decrease. The systems of consumption and dependence on electricity are currently being studied. When the mix is ​​looked at at the regional level, not at the national level, it drastically changes the system, according to the Minister of Energy. He also expressed a positive opinion on future relations in the energy sector with Ukraine.



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