The measure 60/40 remains after April 1

Will continue to be considered for work and insurance experience and compulsory unpaid leave of up to 90 days

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Source: MLSP

The business support measure, known as 60 out of 40, will remain in force after April 1, although the emergency epidemic situation will end on that date. On the one hand, the Minister of Innovation and Growth Daniel Lorer said during his visit to Blagoevgrad that this measure, along with the other - to support physicians, must continue to operate. According to him, how and for how long the measure 60 to 40 will be extended should be discussed with the business and then a decision should be made by the government

On the other hand, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy officially announced that it would remain in force after April 1. "The 60 to 40 measure will be extended until June 30, while maintaining the current conditions for support for job retention," the ministry said. They also added that throughout 2022, for workers who are on unpaid leave of up to 90 days, this time will be considered work and insurance experience.



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