TPP "Maritsa 3" is of strategic importance for maintaining the energy security of the region

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"In TPP" Maritsa "3 we develop and evaluate the possibilities for gradual removal of coal and the transition to other fuels. Among the possible options is natural gas. One of the arguments in favor of its use in the future is that the company has a connection to the gas transmission network due to the use of "blue fuel" for ignition and in case of disrupted production. This would also have a significant environmental effect for the entire municipality of Dimitrovgrad, "said Ilian Pavlov, executive director of the company. "The company employs hundreds. With rising world electricity prices, the plant is becoming an increasingly important factor in the region's energy and economic independence. "The company has many advantages that would favor the smooth implementation of the energy transition, including the availability of highly qualified and experienced staff, its own gas distribution point, independent water supply system, etc.," said Pavlov.

Asked whether the complete gasification of coal capacities is possible, the director of TPP "Maritsa 3" pointed out that due to the location of the country and the natural energy resources they have, the most appropriate solution for Bulgaria is the transition to natural gas and renewable sources (wind , sun and water). "This combination in the energy mix is ​​key to a smooth and equitable energy transition. Ensuring energy security and independence depends on it. Network stability is vital to ensuring constant electricity flows. TPPs are still the backbone of the energy system.", Pavlov pointed out. Another important reason for the responsible and gradual transition to gas is the social effect.

"The country's energy sector is an important source of economic growth and the sudden closure of capacity will have very serious consequences for local employment and living standards. I believe that at least at this stage fully renewable energy cannot guarantee security of supply and stability For this reason, natural gas will, in my opinion, play not only the role of a transitional fuel, but also a fuel of the future, "Ilian Pavlov commented. According to him, the entry of gas in the production of electricity is possible. "The current facilities that the plants have can only work with coal," Pavlov said.

"The investments that need to be made for a smooth and fair transition are huge. In order to stimulate projects in the direction of transformation, the EU has also adopted a package of measures to finance sustainable growth," Pavlov said.

According to Ilian Pavlov, when we talk about energy transition, it should be considered in many ways from different points of view, and not as something that can be done quickly, with a single act or action. "The Pact has several main goals. One is the complete decarbonisation of the EU economy. The second is the circular economy and the third important focus is zero pollution, and it later with hydrogen as a source of energy, "Pavlov said." Along with reducing emissions, the Green Deal has two other important goals, one of which is to increase the competitiveness of European industry worldwide, and the other is to ensure a fair transition for the regions and workers affected by the reforms.", said Ilian Pavlov.



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