The share of wind power on March 1 in electricity production in Europe is 11.2%

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St. Nicholas Wind Park, source: AES

The total electricity production for Europe on March 1 reached 8 599.6 GWh, and for the EU countries - 7 804.0 GWh. The share of gas is 1787.3 GWh or 22.9%.

The share of wind power in the production of electricity in Europe on March 1, 2022 reached 11.2%, according to WindEurope.

Of this share, 981 GWh or 10.1% falls on continental wind farms, and 99 GWh, or 1% on offshore (offshore).

However, according to energy charts, which do not include capacity for own use - onshore wind production is 10.9% or 940.4 GWh, and offshore power plants - 47.2 GWh or 0.5%.

Specifically for Bulgaria, the data show a total electricity production of 158.4 GWh.

The share of wind is in the range of 5.1 GWh or 3.2%, and of gas - 10.3 GWh or 6.5%.

Respectively, coal capacities hold the highest share - 77.6 GWh or 49%, followed by nuclear energy - 52.1 GWh or 32.9%.



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