Maria Gabriel: We are establishing an European Academy for Rechargeable Batteries to achieve European leadership in the sector

800,000 workers will have to acquire new skills for production and recycling by 2025, said the Bulgarian EU Commissioner

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Source: European Commission

Bulgarian EU Commissioner Maria Gabriel announced the establishment of the first-ever European Academy of Batteries, along with European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič. The College aims to support the acquisition of new skills and the introduction of training programs in the Member States for the needs of the battery sector.

"800,000 workers in Europe will need new specific skills related to the production and recycling of batteries by 2025. European startups and innovative companies also rely on them to create products and services that contribute to better European positions in the supply chain. We are mobilizing € 10 million for training platforms, centers and training programs. "925 million euros are the investments under the Horizon Europe program for research in the field of rechargeable batteries for the period up to 2027," said Maria Gabriel.

The academy is the next step in the development of the initiatives of the European Alliance for Rechargeable Batteries. It has 700 members and is run by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology's InnoEnergy Knowledge and Innovation Community. There are currently 111 major industrial projects in the Member States. The EU is expected to provide 69% and 89% of the growing demand for batteries by 2025 and 2030, respectively, and to produce batteries for up to 11 million cars a year.

"Our ambition is to facilitate access to finance for projects in the battery sector. The academy will contribute to a clearer picture of the needs and supply of training programs in the EU. With coordination at the European level for the development of national programs for retraining and advanced training, we give an additional chance for the successful realization of our ambitions in this strategic area, "said the Bulgarian EU Commissioner.

The initiative is open to Member States for training and retraining of workers and trainers in the battery sector. It will also provide access to the necessary educational infrastructure, provide certification and marketing services.



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