The Ministry of Innovation and Growth will support the digital industries recruitment of talents

Minister Lorer: We will invest in the IT sector under various programs

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Source: Ministry of Innovation and Growth

The state will invest in the ICT sector in various and new forms of digitalization and modernization. This was stated by the Minister of Innovation and Growth Daniel Lorer during the discussion "Software sector - engine of economic growth", which marked 20 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASCOM).

"The Recovery and Sustainability Plan provides serious funding for the digital economy, some of which is BGN 146 million for equity investments, something that has not happened in recent years, but will start again," said Minister Lorer, quoted by the Ministry of innovation and growth. He pointed out that another BGN 260 million have been earmarked for technological modernization, which concerns both hardware and software.

An analysis of the software industry was presented at the event, which showed that sales revenues will reach over BGN 10 billion and that this is one of the most export-oriented industries in Bulgaria. Over 70 new companies from the sector entered our country last year. A total of nearly 50,000 people work in the field. The need for more than 30,000 new staff in the coming years, said the software sector, which continues to grow sustainably, develop and add more value to our economy.

Regarding the shortage of staff in this area, Minister Lorer said that one of the missions of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth is to support the development of staff in our country. "One of the ways we see in the long run is to have a Council for Interaction with the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) so that we can serve as a conduit for what is needed for business in a much more active way," he explained. and added that it will help attract staff from other countries. Minister Lorer stressed that pilot proposals from the sector are needed, as well as a regular dialogue in order to work fruitfully.

The event, which outlined the trends in the development of the Bulgarian software industry and discussed its capabilities, was attended by economists, analysts and representatives in the IT sector.



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