After a two-hour debate, Stanislav Todorov was elected the new chairman of the EWRC and Blagoy Golubarev a member

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source: National Assembly

After a debate that lasted almost two hours, the deputies elected with 128 votes "for", 13 votes "against" and without "abstaining" as chairman of the regulator proposed by "We continue the change" Stanislav Todorov.

Blagoy Golubarev from "There is such a people" was elected a member of the EWRC. He was supported by 130 deputies, 13 were against, there were no abstentions.

During the debate, GERB MPs raised the issue of the admissibility of the new chairman of the energy regulator and expressed doubts about violating the Energy Act. They were motivated by the public interest and in particular by the fact that if it turns out that there is a violation of the Energy Act, and subsequently appeal against decisions taken by the EWRC and their fall in court will have to pay citizens.

From the rostrum, the new chairman of the energy regulator reminded that he has a legal education and is aware of the case, which defends the right to run for office. Todorov reminded that in the whole of Europe there is a very big change in terms of energy and economy and, "if we all think about what it is now, we will crash." Todorov reiterated his thesis that "he will not be a scumbag" of companies, but will direct them to a new model of economy and energy. He was adamant that he was very aware of what needed to change in the work of the energy regulator by expressing respect for his predecessor Ivan Ivanov.

Stanislav Todorov was proposed and introduced by MP Stanislav Ikonomov from We continue the change. He pointed out that Stanislav Todorov graduated in law from Sofia University in 2001, after which he began working as a lawyer at the Ministry of Defense for three years. In 2006-2007 he completed a Master's degree in International Business Law at CEU in Budapest, Hungary, after which he began working for leading foreign investors in Bulgaria, such as AES, Heidelberg Cement and Visteon Electronics. During his professional career he has headed departments for trade contracts, supply and logistics. He is well acquainted with the electricity system of Bulgaria. He has eight years of managerial experience in the Energy sector during his work at AES Maritsa East 1 from 2007 to 2015.

During the first three years he managed the construction contracts for the facilities of the AES Thermal Power Plant. After putting the plant into operation, he created and managed the department for deliveries and logistics in the town of Galabovo. Since 2013, for two years he has been the head of the AES supply and logistics management unit in the entire Europe-Asia region, including the headquarters in Bulgaria. In 2017 he started working in the Bulgarian plant of Heidelberg Cement in Devnya for three years as director of supply and logistics for Bulgaria and Greece. Since January 18, 2022, he has been the Deputy Minister of Energy of our country with the Department of Energy Policies.

Blagoy Golubarev has been nominated as a member of the EWRC in the field of energy, who has been nominated by "There are such people". He was represented by MP Tihomir Tenev. He noted that Blagoy Golubarev is an electrical engineer, majoring in "Electrical Networks and Systems" and has over 39 years of experience in energy, of which over 35 years in management positions. He began his career after graduating from "Elektrosnabdyavane Sofia" as Deputy Director of "Substations of Power Pipes", Deputy Director of "West", Director of "East", and since 2000 is Deputy executive director and member of the board of directors of "Electricity Supply Sofia". He actively participated in the process of unbundling in the activities "Production", "Transmission" and "Distribution" in the energy sector and their separation from the then "National Electric Company" (NEC).

Golubarev is also a participant in the privatization process of Elektrorazpredelenie Sofia. He is a co-founder and first chairman of the Association of Electricity Traders in Bulgaria (AETB). In addition to the electricity sector, Golubarev also has experience in the natural gas sector. At his suggestion, a business with compressed natural gas, the so-called "virtual gas pipeline", is being developed and implemented. With his accumulated professional experience, Golubarev has participated in the construction and licensing of a number of projects and sites in the field of electricity and natural gas. He has a comprehensive view of energy processes, both from the position of a civil servant and the private sector. Both in terms of construction, repair, maintenance and operation, and in the process of trade in electricity and gas.



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