The President warned: The Cabinet should not be tempted to use the services for private interests

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When the cabinet makes changes in the management of the companies, it should ensure that there will be no private intermediaries in gas supplies again. This was stated by President Rumen Radev to journalists.

"My concern is for inflation, for galloping prices, for the purchasing power of Bulgarians, for their ability to cope with growing bills and costs - basic for guaranteeing life. My concern is for the future of Bulgarian energy, for electricity prices for citizens and businesses. And when the cabinet makes changes in the management of the companies, it should ensure that there will be no private intermediaries in gas supplies, that better conditions for Bulgaria and prices will be achieved.

My hope is that in this activity the cabinet will not be tempted by the inherited management model, which used the services, boards and regulators to argue and promote private interests. Who accused of breaking the law. Because if the same approach is used, they will not achieve different results from Borissov's legacy, "Rumen Radev said.

The president also sharply criticized the government over northern Macedonia, calling Prime Minister Kiril Petkov's visit hasty. The occasion was Northern Macedonia, whose President Stevo Pendarovski met with members of OMO Ilinden shortly after the Bulgarian prime minister's visit to Skopje.

"Macedonian Bulgarians are fighting for equality, which is guaranteed in their constitution. They are fighting for their full integration into public life in the country. This is radically different from the separatist attitudes and minority claims professed by the people President Pendarovski meets. Every hasty action of the Bulgarian government, every positive signal, can be misinterpreted as some concessions from the Bulgarian side. The Bulgarian prime minister's visit to northern Macedonia was hasty. "I had frank conversations with him," he said.

He stressed that it is important "Bulgarian diplomacy to fully realize its professional capacity, not to trust external expertise, non-governmental organizations and not to succumb to external pressure."

"Bulgaria is always open for dialogue, and when politicians from the Republic of Northern Macedonia toured European capitals, they avoided Sofia. I am glad that this dialogue has started to happen. I keep in touch with President Pendarovski. We will look for a suitable moment for a high-level meeting, but it also depends on his actions ", Radev continued.



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