The Prime Minister: Bulgargaz has made wrong decisions, which have led to higher prices. The choice of the new leadership is up to BEH

The moratorium should fall when there will be new people in the EWRC to make a full analysis and to be sure that their decisions protect the interests of citizens

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Source: BTA, archive

The decisions of the replaced board of Bulgargaz were wrong and led to higher prices for end users. This was said by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov quoted by Darik Radio. The result is there - we have higher gas prices than we should have based on this board. We cannot wake up on the first of January and the EWRC to say that the price of gas is rising by another 30%. When you see what decisions we have made down the chain, it should be seen that we have missed opportunities to lower this price.

The Prime Minister Kiril Petkov noted that the current high gas prices are due in part to wrong decisions made in the past and missed opportunities to lower prices. According to him, the investigating authorities should establish the reasons for this. The Prime Minister expressed the expectation that this type of decisions, which are currently being paid for by the whole society, will not be taken in the future and end users will not have to pay the price for someone's mistakes. This was announced a little later by the government information service.

Prime Minister Petkov added that it is important to have a working regulator that not only announces prices, but also analyzes the reasons for their rise and whether the right decisions are made. "I doubt that the EWRC has managed to understand why these gas prices have been raised. It is easiest to pass the wrong decisions to the end user, "said the Prime Minister. According to him, the moratorium should be lifted with the new composition of the EWRC and in the presence of a full analysis.

The choice of the new board in Bulgargaz is entirely up to BEH and the Minister of Energy. I expect that this type of decisions, which we are all currently paying for, will not be made without analysis. I don't know if they did it on purpose or just made mistakes, or there was a private interest that they served - this is what the investigating authorities will decide, but it certainly seems that these decisions have led to an increase in the price of gas to the current level, "added the Prime Minister.

Most likely, the decisions that have been made by the current board have certain arrangements that we will not be able to escape immediately as a state, but I hope that the next decisions will lead to the end user not paying the price for someone profits or mistakes.

The moratorium should fall at a time when the EWRC will have new people to make a full analysis and make sure that their decisions protect the interests of citizens, the Prime Minister predicted.

"For EWRC - when we have a working regulator, it does not announce the prices of these costs that companies present. A working regulator means understanding the reasons why these prices are rising and seeing if the right decisions have been made. I doubt that the EWRC has been able to understand why these gas prices have risen. BEH should have asked much earlier why this decision was made to increase the price. Because it is easiest to make mistakes and wrong decisions and pay the end user. So I welcome the change of board of Bulgargaz and I hope that with any such decision the Bulgarian consumer will be more protected, and the Bulgarian interest as a whole will be a priority, not someone else's interests to be prioritized, and finally we will pay the bill "he pointed out.

"I trust Minister Nikolov, as a good leader would do," Petkov said.



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