The unions of TPP "Maritsa East 2" expect a meeting with the government for the future of the energy complex

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Source: TPP Maritsa East 2, archive

Several letters to the government and individual ministers call for a meeting of the branch council for tripartite cooperation on energy. The letters were sent by CITUB to TPP "Maritsa East 2", and so far the employees there have neither a written, nor an oral answer, nor an invitation for talks. If they are neglected, the trade unionists are preparing for a strike.

Deyan Dyakov, chairman of the trade union at Maritza East 2 TPP, told BNR that in previous governments their letters had been covered within a week, and meetings had been scheduled for a maximum of 10 days.

The main issue for which a meeting is requested is the discussion of the Energy Recovery and Sustainability Plan. Dyakov stressed that all changes following the EC's remarks should be discussed with the social partners and made available to all citizens.

"We want to see how the whole smooth energy transition will be scheduled, we want to know clearly the fate of our employees," said Deyan Dyakov.

He referred to information from CITUB President Plamen Dimitrov that the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation on this topic would be convened in early February.

"Next week, the branch council on energy will probably convene," Deyan Dyakov said.

"Neither side benefits from protests and escalating tensions. Our tougher stance was caused by the government's silence," the unionist said.

The future of the complex is written inside the Plan and between the lines of the Plan, Alexander Zagorov, Confederate Secretary of Podkrepa, commented to BNR.

Zagorov is adamant that they want one of the public discussions - "of all those who do - whether in the Maldives, in Brussels or in Sofia" - to be in Radnevo.

"Because the region will depend very much in the future on the Maritza East complex, and the complex will depend on what is written in the Recovery and Sustainability Plan. That's the key. "

Maritza East has proven to be an energy complex. There is no chimney in Maritsa East that does not smoke. It is working at full speed. If we were in socialism, we would say - "Maritsa East" sings and everything is over. The complex has not been so busy for a long time. And for someone to do experiments like moving the headquarters of a company from Radnevo to Sofia, and to say that the miners from Sofia will go on strike, protest or carry out their plan, is a bit ridiculous. And to drop the bomb - we will make you a garbage plant, right in the winter, in the greatest load, when no one from the complex is resting, I would define it as completely irresponsible. A person who does not know the soul of the miner, does not know the soul of the region, does not know what are the social ties between these people, can throw such bombs just to answer a question and this question to pass and go to parliament.”,  pointed out Alexander Zagorov.

"If Maritsa East becomes restless, the whole country will become restless, because Maritsa East is currently tying the balances of energy, which gives life to the economy," Zagorov said.



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