The authorities expect the EWRC to have a new staff within 2-3 weeks

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"From 9 to 5 become members of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC). The requirement for economic and legal profile of members of the commission is dropped. There is no such practice in Europe. ”This was explained to BNR by the chairman of the parliamentary committee on energy Radoslav Ribarski regarding the discussion of the forthcoming legislative changes.

Fisherman emphasized the launch of the procedure for chairman and new member of the EWRC, which have long expired mandates and need to be replaced.

"We expect to have a new chairman and member elected in about 2-3 weeks."

"We rely on experts. This process is still ongoing. We do not rely on politicians only to belong to our coalition, "said Radoslav Ribarski.

The definition of competencies in the direction of financial experience is expanding, he added. According to him, "the work of the body requires serious analytical knowledge" as well as knowledge of the work of stock exchanges.

Asked if good experts from the opposition would be nominated, whether their candidacies would be discussed, Ribarski said he had not yet seen the names:

"Everyone who is nominated will be discussed and will be able to present their vision to the Energy Committee."

It remains to be seen at the coalition council whether there will be joint candidates for the coalition or whether the parties will propose their names, Ribarski said.

"The powers of the EWRC are clearly defined. The idea is to make them more widely used. It's all up to the team. European directives are clear enough about what they allow. We firmly insist that the body be independent, "Radoslav Ribarski commented.



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