Minister Nikolov: Business will receive BGN 130 / mWh compensation for the price of electricity in December

Support for households using blue fuel is being extended and will also apply to December and January bills

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Source: Ministry of Energy, archive

The Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov will make a proposal to the Council of Ministers to cover the compensations for the household consumers in December and January 2022 due to the high gas prices. "The amount of compensation for December will be approximately BGN 26 per megawatt-hour or it will be 25% of the bill, ie if the bill is BGN 300, 75 will be the aid," Nikolov told bTV.

"For January, the amount and ratio will be higher - BGN 42 per megawatt-hour, our estimates show, and this will be one third of the total value of the invoice of the particular subscriber," added the Minister of Energy.

He explained that the idea is to compensate in the maximum amount of December and January.

"First of all, we want to release disposable income in households very quickly, so that the next months can be spent more easily and they will be directly compensated for the costs to suppliers," Nikolov added.

For businesses, the compensation for electricity in December will be BGN 130 / MWh - just under 30% of the bills. Due to the dynamics of prices, the ceiling has a clearer size, fixed up to BGN 250. The amount depends on whether prices increase in the future, "Nikolov said. It also became clear from his words that the proposal will be submitted to the Council of Ministers next week.

I would not comment on the actions of SANS and GDNP in Bulgargaz, Nikolov said in his interview. According to him, speculative trade does not have to be carried out by the state company, he added. A few days ago, the minister explained how Bulgargaz exports quantities of natural gas to Romania. The claim was rejected by the head of the gas company Nikolay Pavlov.

Bulgargaz, as a public supplier, has access to all possible resources and long-term contracts, as well as to the Chiren repository. It has a resource that should be for the benefit of society, then for the benefit of industry and finally, with sufficient volumes, they should be sold on the market, "said Nikolov.

He reminded that there are two gas exchanges in Bulgaria. This makes it easy to compare the prices of the same natural gas product in one place or another. The industry uses the prices that reach the regulated market - that is, there is no division, "said Nikolov.

"Then you can compare which counterparties are buying in a particular market. The speculation may not be made by Bulgargaz, but by a legal entity. It achieves a positive financial result, this is its goal, but it should not be on the back of the consumer, "said the Minister.

We remind you that the EWRC sets a marginal price of natural gas for district heating and consumers on a regulated market. And the business receives the blue fuel at prices, according to the statement of Bulgargaz.



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