Prime Minister Petkov: The cabinet will serve business, not the other way around

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Source: BTA, archive

The Prime Minister Kiril Petkov held an online meeting with the management of the five nationally representative employers' organizations - BICA, BIA, BCCI, CEIBG and SSE, as well as with representatives of the management of the Bulgarian Association of Metallurgical Industry. This was announced by the government information service.

The focus of the conversation was on energy prices and options for the state to help businesses overcome the price jump. The possibilities for these aid to reach the business in the most adequate way were discussed. The government's new approach to responding to the health crisis, which is based on maximum practicality and equality, was also discussed. The aim is to keep businesses running, without ignoring the potential danger to human life and health from overburdening the health system.

The Prime Minister Kiril Petkov expressed his clear opinion that the government is here to help and shared that the task of the cabinet is to redistribute the most effectively created by the business value. The Prime Minister stressed that the cabinet will serve business, not the other way around. For the prime minister, the goal of zero corruption is achievable only with the combined efforts of business and the Council of Ministers. Petkov called for not a single signal of corruption to reach employers' organizations and the cabinet, which has not been investigated. "Progress and change in our economy depend only on our joint actions and continuous and good dialogue," said Prime Minister Kiril Petkov during the meeting.

It is not clear from the announcement whether the business's request to increase support due to high energy prices will be met.



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