Nikolay Pavlov: Bulgargaz does not export gas to Romania

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"The truth is that Bulgargaz does not export gas to Romania," the gas company's executive director told Bulgaria On Air TV.

"We don't even have an export license in Romania. There is no way cheap gas in Chiren, it enters the pricing, it enters the price, the regulated price. The pricing of Bulgargaz is strictly in accordance with Ordinance 2 on pricing. It is very clear how it is priced. All those who are directly connected to the gas pipeline network of Bulgartransgaz, including here, enter the gas release program. This is the release program under the Energy Law, which was amended and entered into force on January 1, 2020. How it is priced - take all quantities from Azerbaijan that arrive, for example 20 megawatts, all quantities with the price - the corresponding price. The quantities of Chiren that will be harvested under a program that has been agreed. It was approved by the operator in March, that is, we cannot get 100 units today, 5 units tomorrow and so on, "commented the executive director of Bulgargaz.

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"I can't understand what two alternatives mean. This was the only possible option through which gas could enter and reach Bulgaria. But I repeat - they have no obligation, they have said it many times. We have not stopped asking everyone but one thing must be clear - that under long-term contracts the buyer cannot choose where to receive gas. There is a strictly defined place - a point where natural gas is produced ". He clarified that these are collective decisions, and many people are involved in the negotiations.

In addition to Bulgargaz, the Bulgarian Energy Holding and the Ministry of Energy participated in 2020. These were very complicated negotiations so that we could save the contract. Otherwise, since we do not have a gas pipeline, we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot receive gas and at the same time pay for it. And we managed in some way, even with political support, to convince our partners to sit down at the negotiating table and deliver to this alternative gas pipeline, "Pavlov said. He was adamant that there was official correspondence with the Azerbaijani side According to him, Azeri gas in full can be expected when the IGB pipeline is ready.

It is delayed, but not through the fault of Bulgargaz, because Bulgargaz is not building gas pipelines. The interim agreement with which they supply quantities to the Greek gas pipeline expires on June 30. We have been informed by our Azerbaijani partner that we have to focus now on starting new negotiations to get gas quantities after July 1. If the pipeline is not built, I understand that there may be a new delay, but we are currently from the project company, which is building the gas pipeline, we have no information whether this deadline will be met, "Pavlov added.

And if he is not ready, we are again in an extremely unfavorable situation to start new negotiations, he added.

The executive director of the company also explained that Bulgargaz determines the price of gas according to the EWRC Ordinance.

"After we send the application on the 10th with pricing components and customer orders on the 9th, they review whether it is priced correctly and on the 1st we send the updated data on stock exchanges and oil. Not surprisingly, There is nothing outrageous. It all depends on what consumption there is in Europe since the winter, on supplies, whether there will be a shortage. High prices came from Europe because Europe was unprepared, poorly planned its supplies and so came to these high prices gas and electricity, respectively, "said the executive director of Bulgargaz.



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