The Prime Minister: EWRC must make full inspections of the costs of companies before approving a change in the price

Opportunities are being sought to buy all quantities of Azeri gas, which is 60% cheaper

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Shot: bTV, archive

The moratorium on energy prices may be lifted earlier than the pre-set date for March next year. This was stated by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov to bTV. According to him, the Council of Ministers needs 20-30 days to check everything about gas supplies and prices:


"We will maintain this moratorium for as short a time as possible. The time we need is the time for several things - one is to do all possible calculations calmly and see if there is any chance that these prices will be reduced, the second is the parliament to change the people who have expired in the EWRC mandates. This is also a function of this, because this control mechanism of the EWRC must be activated, "said Kiril Petkov.

According to him, the current EWRC is not fulfilling all its powers and must conduct full inspections of all entities in the chain to see their costs.

EWRC should not be a seal of the final prices, Petkov said. Regarding the proposed increase in energy prices by the EWRC, Petkov commented:

"It was not normal for the day, the first day of the new government, to be the day of the announcement of the new prices. It's hardly a coincidence. "

Possibilities for buying all quantities of contracted Azerbaijani natural gas, which is 60 percent cheaper, are also being studied, and a program is being prepared to support business for high electricity prices, said Kiril Petkov.

Asked what he would do if Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev resigned voluntarily, Kiril Petkov said:

"If he takes this step, I would congratulate him for doing something responsible for the Bulgarian justice system, because it will save us time. Here is even the European Commission waiting for this moment, our external partners. He will save all the people and us as parliamentary groups a lot of time, but this is his decision."



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