The Bulgarian Gas Association insists that the Petrich-Strumica gas connection be financed through the Recovery Plan

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Source: Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, archive

The Bulgarian Gas Association wants the construction of the Petrich-Strumica gas connection to be included in the update of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan. The project was initiated two years ago at a round table held in Skopje and is supported by the Chambers of Commerce of Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia, Gas Association Chairman Plamen Pavlov was quoted as saying by BNR.

"In recent years, Bulgaria has been trying to do something with the Balkan gas hub. To expand the market, to increase consumers. The only way to expand the scope is Northern Macedonia and Kosovo."

Such a project would cost 40-42 million euros, Pavlov added:

"There is a feasibility study, there are investors. We do not want this to happen at any cost with state money. But there is an opportunity to develop this with foreign investors and European funding. Here we are talking about building a small gas pipeline, to "The connection of Petrich with Strumica is built. It is not about billions. If such a connection is built, Bulgarian traders, Bulgarian suppliers will be able to participate in a completely different territory. It is in the interest not only of business, it is in the interest of the country."



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