The Minister of Transport will dismiss all the heads of companies with poor results

Sabev will look for people with opportunities and ambitions to implement reforms in the entire transport sector

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Source: BTA

Every head of a state-owned enterprise showing poor results will have the fate of dismissing the head of BDZ-Passenger Transport, Lyuben Nanov, who was fired yesterday. This became clear from the words of the Minister of Transport Nikolay Sabev. On BNT, he said that there will be reform in the sector, but this goes through the replacement of all bosses whose companies have poor financial results show poor quality of work. This is exactly what Sabev explained the release of Nanov, but the reason was also the violations of the programs for repair of locomotives and wagons found by the caretaker Minister of Transport Hristo Alexiev. Sabev also noted that the collected materials and evidence of these violations have already been handed over to the investigating authorities.

He also announced that the positions of the leaders, who will also be fired, will be looking for people with qualities who are able to carry out reforms in the transport sector, and also have the motivation and desire to do so. Sabev pointed out that he would work for the overall improvement of the quality of the transport system in Bulgaria.

According to him, the reform of BDZ is necessary because the company does not offer attractive products that will attract more passengers. According to him, the main problem in the state railways is not the decline in and of passengers. "BDZ is currently used mainly by the socially disadvantaged, students and retirees. The rest prefer to travel by car. We must offer such conditions to the Bulgarian citizen to travel that he is looking for this type of transport," said Sabev.

It was also clear from his words that in his work he will focus on projects for improving the transport infrastructure and connectivity, which is especially true for the big cities in Northern Bulgaria such as Ruse, Vidin and Pleven. A project to alleviate traffic through border crossings will also be launched at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint. As soon as it gives results, it will be applied to other border checkpoints, including the southern border.

According to Sabev, the work on the resumption of flights between Sofia and Ruse has already been completed by 99%, for which he praised the former caretaker Minister of Economy Daniela Vezieva. However, there are still different public sentiments about whether we need an airport in the Danube city right now. Therefore, a public discussion on the issue is forthcoming. After him, Sabev hopes people will be convinced that there is a need to develop all modes of transport.

The Minister of Transport also assured that he would closely monitor the work of the concessionaire at Sofia Airport. If there is a violation of the public interest, the authorities will take action.

Work is also under way to reform the Maritime Administration, due to the crisis with the shipwreck Vera Su. At the moment, concrete measures are being prepared to ensure that Bulgaria will no longer fall into a similar situation as it did with the ship in distress, Nikolay Sabev added.



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