Asen Vassilev: Bulgaria is expected to have a cabinet next week

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Source: BNT, archive

We expect a government within the next week, but we have not yet reached the point where a coalition agreement has been signed, to have a mandate. This was said to Nova TV by the co-chairman of "We continue the change" Asen Vassilev. He specified that a government with a four-year program is being structured because our country needs stability.

Vassilev confirmed that he is the "We continue the change" nominee for finance minister, but clarified that it is still unclear whether he will be deputy prime minister, and Kiril Petkov is the candidate for prime minister. The structure of the Council of Ministers is still being clarified, the idea is for each of the coalition partners to have a deputy prime minister, but it is in the process of being clarified, explained the co-chair of "We continue the change".

According to him, there is a general consensus on the idea of ​​a ministry of e-government. There are other discussed structural changes, Vassilev said.

We hope that by the end of the day tomorrow there will be a text of the agreement for all party leaders, their teams to look at it and on Monday-Tuesday to start the process of refining the texts and moving them through the relevant party bodies to obtain a mandate. to be signed, explained Asen Vassilev the procedure.

There was an idea to separate all state-owned companies in the Ministry of Industry, but it remains to be seen how exactly.

The number of ministries was discussed to be one or two more than the current 17, and some of them are likely to split.

Regarding the conjugated names in the composition, he said that at this stage he does not want to talk about names, as they are still being discussed and there are stages that must be passed in order to reach an agreement. However, it became clear that Vassilev himself would be the PP's proposal for finance minister. Kiril Petkov - the proposal for Prime Minister, and Boyko Rashkov and Nikolay Denkov - respectively for the Ministries of Interior and Education. However, Vassilev did not confirm that Nikolay Sabev and Stefan Yanev were members of the Council of Ministers.

"The ministries we have proposed to lead are those of finance, interior, Ministry of Economy, where we believe we have a lot of expert potential," Vassilev said, adding: "This is still being discussed depending on from the structure. It will be more or less proportional to the votes that the parties have in parliament, "he said.

Vassilev also commented on the number of ministries: "There are different proposals, the idea is to have one or two more, with some of the ministries splitting up. One of them is e-government. It will attract structures from different departments," the co-chairman said. of PP.

"We are currently structuring a government with a 4-year program with the idea that it really needs to make the changes that the country needs and escape from these political crises, which we have seen huge instability in the last 1-2 years. Bulgaria needs stability to it can also develop economically, to manage the health crisis, to fix the energy, so that we can make some of these key reforms, "said Asen Vassilev.



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