Asen Vasilev: Electricity market regulation will normalize electricity prices

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Staff: BNT, archive

Regulation of the carbon market is one of the measures that will normalize electricity prices for businesses. Asen Vasilev from the party "We continue the change" commented on this to BNR. The regulation is related to the proper management of the purchase of these emissions from TPPs, explained the former Minister of Finance and Energy.

"On the other hand, through talks with the European Commission and, in general, in Europe, to see how this sharp jump that has taken place, which was not planned at all, can actually be controlled at a pan-European level.

As it is a question of the possibility to trade how many levels of emissions are released, how many are withdrawn from the market, so that the prices become more normal, which would reduce the price of electricity for TPPs, because it is currently becoming more expensive at 50-60 euros above the production price, "Vasilev explained.

In the long run, we need to rearrange our energy system so that such crises do not occur, said Asen Vasilev.



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