The Bulgarian Stock Exchange with profit for the third consecutive week

The Bulgarian weekly index of the "blue chips" SOFIX (+ 0.78%) finished with the largest weekly growth, followed by the broad BGRX 40 (+ 0.66%), the property BG REIT (+ 0.46%) and the least increased is the weighted BGTR 30 (+ 0.34%)

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Trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) ended with increases for all four indices over the past five business days (November 8-12), for the third consecutive week. Before that, there were alternations - one week the indices ended with an increase, and the next with a decrease.

The Bulgarian weekly index of "blue chips" SOFIX (+ 0.78%) ended with the highest weekly growth, which improved its three-year record from the previous week, followed by the broad BGRX 40 (+ 0.66%), the real estate BG REIT (+ 0.46%) and with the smallest increase is equal to the weighted BGTR 30 (+ 0.34%).

Previously (November 1-5) and (October 25-29), all four indices also ended with gains, while in the previous week (October 18-22) - three of the four indices were at a loss and one at a profit. A week earlier (October 11-15) the situation was the opposite - three of the indices were at a profit and only one at a loss.

It should be noted that during the last working week the Bulgarian index of the 15 best public companies SOFIX improved its three-year record from the previous week (November 1-5), closing on Friday (November 12) at 608,550 points, as reported by October 20, 2018. Recall that at the end of last week (November 5) the Bulgarian benchmark climbed for a moment to 607,160 points, but in the end SOFIX ended at 603,840 points, comparable to the levels at the close of trading on November 10, 2018, which was then three years record.

Monthly balance sheets

For two weeks from the beginning of November all four indices are on profit: SOFIX (+ 4.21%), BGBX 40 (+ 2.92%), BGTR 30 (+ 1.65%) and BG REIT (+ 1.45%). In the past month of October, all four indices were at a loss: SOFIX (-0.24%), BGBX 40 (-0.40%), BGTR 30 (-0.76%) and BG REIT, which had the largest decline (-0.87%).

For September the balance shows: three of the indices are at a profit and only BG REIT ends with a decrease (-1.32%). The ninth month BGBX 40 (+ 5.54%) ended with the highest growth, followed by BGTR 30 (+ 4.57%) and SOFIX (+ 3.40%) with the lowest growth.

Since the state of emergency was declared on 13 March, and then the emergency epidemiological situation (extended until 30 November) due to the coronavirus pandemic, until 12 November 2021 SOFIX has a significant increase of 32.98%, and since the beginning of 2021 the increase is even higher, with 35.98% and a total turnover of BGN 114,724,773 of the 15 public companies included in the Bulgarian benchmark.



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