New increase in the price of motor fuels by the end of the year

The expectations are that the increase in the price of oil will continue, which will inevitably push the prices of gasoline and diesel in our country even higher, Svetoslav Benchev explains

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The rise in the price of motor fuels in our country will continue. In the last month the prices at the Bulgarian gas stations have increased by 5-6%. By the end of the year, we expect a new increase, which is expected to be about twice as large - 10 percent. Thus, around Christmas and New Year, the prices of A95 gasoline are expected to reach BGN 2.50-2.51, Svetoslav Benchev from the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association (BOGA) predicted to BNR. The price per liter of diesel fuel is expected to be approximately the same.

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According to him, the rise, which we have already witnessed, as well as the forthcoming, is due to the serious increase in oil prices on world markets. From $ 50 a barrel a few months ago, they are now at around $ 86. "This is a serious increase, which is reflected in the prices of gas stations," Benchev explained.

According to him, the trend will continue at least until the end of the year. The reasons are that economies have already begun to stabilize, as a result of which demand for oil has increased dramatically, which leads to a serious jump in its price.

At the moment, the most popular A95 petrol is sold at Bulgarian petrol stations for an average of BGN 2.40, and the price of diesel is a penny higher. A liter of propane butane gas costs an average of BGN 1.33, and a kilogram of methane - BGN 2.32.



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