The electricity production in Jan-Feb grew by 4.07 percent y/y

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The surplus in the foreign trade in electricity increased by 306 per cent in January-February from this time last year, according to recent statistics published on the website of the Electricity System Operator (ESO). Export exceeded import by 599,679 MWh in the first two months of this year and by 147,691 MWh last year.

ESO continues to report a significant increase in the share of electricity from water power plants. The increase was 263.49 per cent from this time last year. The total output of hydroelectric power was 1,099,767 MWh this January and February, up from 302,559 MWh this time last year.

The production of electricity in Bulgaria increased by 4.07 per cent during the observable period (year-on-year), to reach 7,905,096 MWh. The like figure in 2020 was 7,596,230 MWh.

Domestic electricity consumption went down by 1.92 per cent from this time last year and totalled 7,305,417 MWh.

The contribution of base-loan power plants in the total electricity output for January and February decreased by 6.36 per cent from this time last year. They put out 6,295,252 MWh of electricity (against 6,723,146 MWh last year).

Another trend is a decrease in the share of electricity from renewables in the power transmission network (by 8.99 per cent) and in the distribution network (by 11.79 per cent).




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