Temenuzhka Petkova: BEH is profitable, we leave the energy sector in stable condition for the next management

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The Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) is operating at a profit, we will leave the next sector of the energy sector in a stable condition, said Temenuzhka Petkova, Minister of Energy, during the parliamentary control. She answered a question from MP Zhelyo Boychev (Socialist Party) regarding the audits of the expenses of the state companies in the energy sector. The main indicator for the activity of the companies is their financial results, Petkova pointed out.

In 2014, the National Electric Company (NEK) has a net loss of BGN 586,509,000, while in 2020 it has a profit of BGN 16,659,000, she said. In 2014, the Electricity System Operator / ESO / has a profit of BGN 19,633,000, and in 2020 ESO has a profit of BGN 55,981,000. In 2014, Kozloduy NPP had a profit of BGN 88 million, and in 2020 it had a profit of BGN 277,627,000. Bulgargaz reports an improvement in the financial result, as in 2014 it made a profit of BGN 7,151,000, and last year - BGN 42,392,000. "

Bulgartransgaz in 2014 had a profit of BGN 75,690,000, while last year - a profit of BGN 81,303,000, said Petkova. The consolidated financial result of BEH companies for 2014 shows a profit of BGN 29,503,000, and for 2020 The profit is BGN 295,315,000, Petkova added. Indeed, TPP "Maritsa Iztok 2" and "Mini Maritsa Iztok" are at a loss, but this is not a result of their poor management, but due to rising carbon prices, the minister added. of energy.

During the parliamentary control, Minister Petkova added that the government is successfully fulfilling its main priority - energy security of the country through diversification of energy resources, said the Minister of Energy Temenujka Petkova during the parliamentary control.

She answered a question from MP Tasko Ermenkov about the overall policy of the ministry in the field of energy on the implementation of the priorities of GERB's management program in this area, BTA reported.

Until November 2016, Bulgaria did not have a single gas interconnection. The gas connection is ready in Romania. Other gas interconnections have also become possible - in the final stage is the one with Greece, which will be ready by the end of this year, our country has acquired 20 percent of the capital of the company building the liquefied natural gas terminal in Greece and this will allow us to diversify gas supplies from different sources. The government renegotiated the terms of natural gas supply with Gazprom and the price of natural gas fell. A gas exchange has been set up to trade natural gas, the minister said.

We managed to extend by 30 years the term of operation of the Fifth and Sixth Units of Kozloduy NPP. The process of diversification of fresh nuclear fuel has begun and by July 2024 Bulgaria will have this diversification, as are our international commitments, said Petkova.

The electricity system operator / ESO / is implementing projects to ensure the country's energy security and within a few months there will be a unification of the country's electricity market with those of neighboring countries, Petkova added.



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