The Public Procurement Agency publishes the requirements for the public procurement of the gas connection Bulgaria - Serbia

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The Public Procurement Agency (PPA) has published the procedure for the requirements for the construction of an interconnection gas connection Bulgaria - Serbia on Bulgarian territory, according to a reference on the agency's website. The contracting authority is Bulgartransgaz.

Bulgartransgaz CEO Vladimir Malinov announced during a government meeting Wednesday that the company will announce a public tender for the supply of equipment and the construction of the Bulgaria-Serbia interconnector. On the territory of Bulgaria is 62 km. The value for this public procurement is about BGN 144 million, Malinov was quoted as saying by BTA.

It is clear from the PPA website that the minimum eligibility requirements for the economic and financial condition of the participants wishing to submit bids for the construction of an interconnection gas connection Bulgaria - Serbia on Bulgarian territory are to have a turnover of the activity in the amount of at least BGN 35 million in the last three financial years.

In addition, during the last five years, the contractor must have participated in the construction (new construction or reconstruction or overhaul) of a gas pipeline made of welded steel pipes laid underground, passing outside urban areas, with a length of not less than 15 km continuous a section with a nominal diameter DN greater than or equal to 700 mm and a design pressure exceeding 1.6 MPa.

The participants will have to prepare an investment project for each phase of the project, to deliver the materials for construction and equipment, as well as to perform the construction and installation works. The requirements for them include the commissioning of the gas connection between the two countries.

Estimated value of the project (excluding VAT) is BGN 143,559,450. The deadline for receiving offers or applications for participation is until 22.02.2021 - 23.59 hours, according to the PPA website.

We specify that the gas interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia (IBS) is envisaged as a reverse connection that will connect the national gas transmission networks of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Serbia and is included in the projects of common interest of the EU.

The gas pipeline has a total length of about 170 km from the town of Novi Iskar, Republic of Bulgaria to the town of Nis, Republic of Serbia, of which about 62 km on Bulgarian territory.

After its construction, the gas connection will have a capacity of 1.8 billion m3 / year. with the possibility of reverse flow.

The route of the transmission gas pipeline is characterized by the following parameters:

Home: existing site for treatment plant "Novi Iskar" of the national gas pipeline;

Length of the transmission gas pipeline from the starting point to the point of crossing the Bulgarian-Serbian border in the amount of about 62 km;

Gas pipeline diversion for AGRS “Slivnitsa” with a length of about 0.2 km;

Gas pipeline diversion for AGRS "Dragoman" with a length of about 0.1 km;

End: the Bulgarian-Serbian border.

The beneficiary is Bulgartransgaz, and the total value of the project is BGN 9,240,420.0.

The total amount of the grant is BGN 5,468,820, of which BGN 4,648,497 is European and BGN 820,323.00 is national co-financing.



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