Ramadan Atalay: We are late enough to liberalize the wholesale electricity market

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We always "link" energy to elections, and that is why the energy is in this situation. This was stated to BNR by Ramadan Atalay, Turks ethnic Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) MP and a member of the Energy Committee in the Parliament. "We have reached the point where the elections should no longer affect the legal framework," Atalay said. According to him, his proposal for NEK to cease to be a Public Supplier is to put energy on a track that does not lead to sinking, to wonder how to get out through state aid, but to enter the free market and give it the opportunity to develop independently, respectively the investors who have an interest, to invest on a market principle.

"The proposals made between the first and second readings are not something new, the energy circles have been discussing the liberalization of the wholesale market since 2003 to be completed by 2007, we have not liberalized our market," Atalay said. "I believe that these proposals will be supported by all political formations if we want to introduce the Clean Energy package for all Europeans," he added.

According to him, the period is coming in which other countries will already begin to absorb funds related to green energy, and we will still be waiting at the doorstep of the EC for a derogation, and they will tell us - why do not you liberalize your market. "We are late enough," Ramadan Atalay said, adding that we had not complied with a 2009 directive on common rules for the transmission and supply of electricity. "We are quite late with the liberalization of the wholesale market," he said.

"From now on, the European Union, the European Parliament, everything related to decarbonisation will not allow the state to invest in wholesale production," Atalay added. He added that he wondered why "everyone was furious that the proposals were made only to terminate contracts with US plants" in Maritza East. We continue to give bags of money and keep our old productions, as long as the people have the opportunity to set aside from their own pockets to pay the losing productions,” Atalay asked.



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