Exchange of Political Declarations Mark Start of Parliament's New Session

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Галина Александрова
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The start of the political season was marked by a sharp exchange of remarks between incumbents, opposition and President Rumen Radev. GERB floor leader Daniela Daritkova criticized the head of State for drawing divisive lines instead of being a symbol of unity. "This divisive line once again left two million Bulgarian citizens, who have voted for this coalition Government, outside the scope of the presidential institution's interests," she commented. "We are ready for dialogue, but this dialogue must start with a fair and honest attitude and eliminating the transparency deficits which the President noted, not only in the Government and Parliament, but in the presidential institution itself," Daritkova commented, adding that there are many examples of non-transparency when it comes to the presidential functions.

In his speech, President Radev strongly criticized the incumbents for the "uncontrolled corruption in the country", the lack of transparency and rampant crime.

The GERB Floor Leader further said that a dynamic parliamentary session is ahead, during which GERB will continue to strictly fulfill their commitments to the Bulgarian citizens made at the start of this Cabinet's term.

She singled out the upcoming adoption of the 2020 budget bill and said it would allow a further increase of incomes. The legislators will stick to the policy of improving the business environment and keep taxes low; and financial stability will be a key priority in the economic policy as it is a major factor in attracting strategic investors, said Daritkova.

She pointed out that the coming months will be dominated by campaigning for the local elections and this is sure to affect the work of Parliament - but she urged the MPs not to use the debating chamber for campaigning.

"The low level of confidence in Parliament is not only a problem of the power-holders but of the opposition and ordinary Bulgarians as well," said the GERB floor leader.

She went on to hail Socialist leader Kornelia Ninova for her remark several days ago that an aggressive approach does not work in politics. "If these words are a hand reached out for understanding on the key priorities of the country, we are ready to take it and work together for the success of our country," said Daritkova.

In her address, Kornelia Ninova said that her party will submit a constitutional complaint in connection with the spending of Bulgarian taxpayers' money through decrees by the Council of Ministers. Ninova warned that this could become more frequent as the local elections approach.

She said that the Bulgarian Socialist Party's (BSP) will abide by its philosophy not only during the current parliamentary season, but in the years to come, which is to return the State to its rightful place by pursuing modern European policies.

United Patriots Deputy Floor Leader Iskren Vesselinov read a declaration in which his parliamentary group calls for carrying out an assessment of what the governance programme has achieved and done. He noted that everyone takes into account the positive things, like the income growth which, in his words, is what will keep people in Bulgaria. The MP also noted the problems facing the incumbents, which include the dire situation in the state-owned energy sector, the high prices of electricity on the free market, the non-transparent way the spinning reserve is allocated.

He listed the three main priorities for the United Patriots in the new political season: security, incomes and patriotism.

Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) leader Moustafa Karadayi noted that a year ago his party warned that the statehood is in a state of collapse, the government is non-functional and non-working. "In his address, the President outlined many of the Bulgarian public's problems, but what's most important is that it is a good start for re-establishing dialogue between the institutions," the MRF Floor Leader said in his address at the start of Parliament's new session.

"You are right, Mr. President, that the Bulgarian citizens with dual citizenship are not eligible to be elected, but there is more to it - they are deprived of their constitutional right to vote and MRF is the only one fighting for the reinstatement of these constitutional rights. You are right that Bulgaria needs a programme for an accelerated, and MRF demands dialogue on this topic for defining the national priorities," Karadayi said.

Volya urged parties to work in such a way so that the local elections don't disrupt the normal work of the legislature.

Leader Vesselin Mareshki also focused on President Radev's statement.
He also urged the President to resign and run in the mayoral elections. "We once again urge you based on your high approval rating. Leave this meaningless office and join the mayoral race in Sofia which will be a springboard for your ideas," added Mareshki.

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