Bids for construction of Greece - Bulgaria interconnector opened publicly today

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Галина Александрова
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Today, a public bid opening was held in the office of the ICGB AD project company for the bids submitted in the procedure for awarding a public procurement contract for design, procurement and construction of gas interconnector Greece- Bulgaria, said the press office of the company. The estimated value of the procurement is EUR 145,000,000 (one hundred and forty-five million) excluding VAT, and the deadline for completing the contract is set for 18 months after the service begins.

Over 10 Bulgarian and foreign companies and consortiums expressed initial interest and submitted documents in the first phase of the procedure. The tender is conducted as a restricted procedure, which means that only five candidates can proceed to the second phase. The following candidates were selected:

- DZZD "IGB-2018"
- Spiecapag Trace IGB 2018
- J&P - AVAX S.A
- Joint Venture CPP-AKTOR

From the admitted candidates within the deadline specified by the contracting authority, offers were received from the DZZD "IGB-2018" and J&P - AVAX S.A. The next steps include review of the technical proposals, technical assessment according to the evaluation methodology and opening of the financial offers.
The ICGB expects that a contractor will be selected in May to ensure start of construction in June.

Source: FOCUS Agency








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